The Women of 224 Kiefaber


By: Katie Christoff – Former A&E Editor

FN: How did you meet?

CC Hutten: Grace and I didn’t like each other at first, but then we found out we were both Ravenclaws.

Laney Gibson: I met Grace when she asked me for a book freshmen year and I didn’t know her name for like three weeks.

Grace Wolford: We hung out regularly during those three weeks.

Megan Wynne: CC thought I was crazy at first. Which I am.


FN: Do you have any house traditions?

CH: “Parks and Rec.”

LG: We watch movies a lot to procrastinate.

MW: Different people have different traditions.

CH: Chick-fil-A is the house tradition. And eating the pizza that Grace ordered. Just food, really.

GW: Our house tradition is awkwardly not having a house tradition.

CH: Trying to be passive aggressive and failing at the passive part.

LG: The miracle of our house is that we never fight over the bathroom, with six girls.


FN: Give everyone in the house a superlative.

CH: Lane is Most Likely to Overanalyze an Emoji.

Becca Maj: CC is Most Likely to Not be Seen for Four Days. Grace is Most Likely to Order Pizza.

CH: Megan is Most Likely to Sleep Through this Porch Profile Interview.

Sarah Pennington: Meg’s Most Likely to be Nocturnal.

CH: Laney’s Most Likely to Make us Watch a French Psycho-sexual Thriller that’s Really Hard to Comprehend.

BM: Sarah is Most Likely to Drunk Eat Vegetables.

MW: Becca’s Mostly Likely to Pay Someone’s Cover so They’ll go to Tim’s with Her.

CH: We’re all Most Likely to Cry at a Party. Laney’s Most Likely to Twerk at a Party.

MW: Lane is Most Likely to Change the Music at a Party and Make Everyone Mad.

SP: Becca’s Most Likely to be on the Porch.

GW: She’s Most Likely to Celebrate Every Season like its Way Nicer Than it is.

BM: CC’s Most Likely to be Friends with Celebrities in the Future.

SP: CC is Most Likely to Know Everyone.

GW: Megan’s Most Likely to Meet Meryl Streep and Not Know Who She Is.


FN: What’s your house song?

All: “Hunter” by Pharrell.

SP: The only song all of us have consistently liked at the same time.

MW: I don’t think I’ve heard it, but if Lane and I can twerk to it, I’m sure it’s fine.

GW: We don’t like each other’s music, so it depends who gets to the auxiliary cord first.


FN: If you came back for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

MW: CC will be writing famous books and I’ll pretend I read them, but I won’t actually read them. I’ll read the cover though.

CH: Grace will have bet on a horse at Derby and never have to work again.

BM: Sarah will own a really hip restaurant near Dayton.

CH: Becca will have designed the drones that will have become a household object.

MW: Lane’s going to be living off the grid and not even know our reunion is happening.

CH: Lane will have discovered the true meaning of “chill girl” and disappeared completely. Megan will have gone to Europe and had four kids. And she will still be at a Bassnectar concert.


FN: What’s your favorite finals week study spot?

MW: Is this going to be published before or after finals week? Because I don’t want mine taken.

LG: Crying in the shower.

MW: Marianist conference room, and I’ll lock everybody out.

LG: There’s a good place to study?

BM: Anywhere with free food.


FN: What’s left on your UD bucket list?

LG: One weekend free of embarrassment.

MW: Cheesily, I want to run through the fountain.

SP: Going to a formal.

BM: Get a burger at Pine Club.

GW: Be inside the Pine Club.

SP: I’ve never actually ordered Cousin Vinny’s. I’ve always had it ordered for me.

CH: Spend one Sunday not in the Flyer News office.


FN: What’s your favorite memory at UD?

CH: “Parks and Rec” party.

MW: We had a “Parks and Rec” party?

BM: St. Patrick’s Day breakfast! We had a sleepover.

CH: Living in Gardens and then on Jasper and never leaving.

GW: The squirrels that fell from the ceiling at Jasper.

BM: The bats at Jasper.

CH: Grace falling out of a two-story window and onto a car. When Becca accidentally locked herself in the apartment.

MW: Bagel Cafe.


FN: What advice would you give underclassmen?

LG: Stop being embarrassing.

MW: Stop while you’re ahead.

SP: Anything can be a free sample in the dining halls.

MW: Go to Tim’s more often.

BM: But don’t pay for it.

MW: Become really good friends with bartenders.

CH: Take care of yourself.

MW: Eat regularly.

CH: Eat everything.

MW: Best advice my mom gave me was to say yes to everything legal and illegal as long as you don’t need me to bail you out.

GW: Never miss class, but also never miss any social opportunity at all.

CH: Develop a strong sense of FOMO, because you’ll miss out on everything.

MW: Don’t be a bro.

GW: But be chill.

CH: Don’t be afraid to offend people, because it’s really easy at UD…specifically as the editor of a newspaper.

SP: Make friends that will order you pizza.

BM: Watch “Parks and Recreation.”

SP: Add pulled pork to the mac and cheese wrap at DD’s.

GW: Don’t watch “The Big Bang Theory.”

CH: Join Flyer News. And be really easily influenced by advice you read in porch profiles.


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