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Print Editor                       

Peter Kolb — Senior, English

“I support the world and love everybody. It’s about spreading love and breaking down barriers, not building up hate.” — Lil B





Online Editor

Kaitlin Gawkins — Senior, Biology

Equal parts hummus-lover and life-enthusiast, Kaitlin can usually be found working in the insect ecology lab or loitering around the local dog park. Among her qualifications for this job is a book she wrote in fourth grade entitled The Mystery of Jacques Dubois.



Director of Digital Media

Christian Cubacub — Sophomore, Computer Engineering

Christian loves doing event photography & cinematography. He is originally from Honolulu, HI but somehow landed in Dayton, OH. Since his arrival, he hasn’t stopped filming and photographing stuff. If you’re trying to find him, we wouldn’t know where to direct you. Rumor has it that he’s constantly out there photographing events. He still hasn’t returned…


A&E Editor                                                   

Chey Ward — Junior






Sports Editor

Connor Hanson— Senior


Opinions Editor

Mary McLaughlin — Junior, English







News Editor                                               

Sean Newhouse — Junior, 







A&E Assistant Editor — Arts & Entertainment

Melody Conrad — Sophomore






Art Director                                                

Mary Guida — Senior, Art Education







Assistant Art Director

Liv Pettigrew







Staff Writer — Campus, U.S & World

Julia Bonfigilo — Junior







Staff Writer — Campus, U.S & World


Emma Kapp — Junior






Staff Writer — Arts & Entertainment


Rose Rucoba — Senior






Staff Writer

Rose Dyar — Senior







Staff Writer — Sports

Michael Crouchley — Junior






Circulation Manager                                                                                               

Roberto De La Rosa-Finch — Senior, English


Web Technician

Rebecca Servaites— Graduate, Computer Science