Meet Our Team

Online Editor-in-Chief

Kaitlin Lewis – Senior, Communication (Journalism)

Kaitlin is from Mason, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati. She first fell in love with writing after publishing her first book Run, Pepperoni, Run! in the second grade. Now, storytelling is her number one passion. Outside of Flyer News, she also works as a Breaking News intern for the Cincinnati Enquirer as well as serves as the communication associate for the University Honors Program. A little fun fact, Kaitlin starts everyday with the same thing: a homemade oat-milk cappuccino.

Print Editor-in-Chief

Lauren Durham – Senior, English & Communication (Public Relations)

Lauren is from Versailles, Ohio, a small town north of Dayton. Her passion for writing began in second grade when she submitted monthly essays to the American Girl Magazine for publication. Although she was never published in her favorite childhood magazine, she now works for two University of Dayton publications: Print Editor-in-Chief for Flyer News and Student Journalist for the University of Dayton Magazine. As a senior English and Communication double major with concentrations in professional/technical writing and public relations, Lauren is pretty much always writing in some capacity. Her other passions include breakfast foods, coffee shops, traveling, and watching reruns of the Great British Baking Show.

News Editor

Zoë Hill – Junior, Communication (Journalism)

Zoë is a junior Communication major from Springboro, Ohio. For Flyer News, she has written about everything from politics to donuts. She is also the VP for UD’s new chapter of the Society for Professional Journalist. She once wrote a book in her senior year of high school, and she won’t let you forget about it. When she’s not writing for Flyer News or UD Magazine, you can find her watching dramatic teen occult shows with her best friend, playing with her baby nephew, or quoting Marvel movies a little too often. Zoë owns over 250 scrunchies, and we’re not sure if she’s ever worn the same one twice.

 Arts & Entertainment Editor

Maddy Bartsche – Senior, English

Maddy is from Rocky River, Ohio, a Cleveland suburb located along the shore of Lake Erie. She is an English major with a concentration in professional/technical writing and a pre-law minor. Writing has always been a huge part of her life from writing her own story books and competing in writing competitions in her childhood to writing for a magazine during her internship last summer. One thing is clear, Maddy believes in the power of the pen. Outside of Flyer News, Maddy works at University of Dayton’s writing center, the Write Place. When she’s not writing, Maddy enjoys swimming at sunset, obsessing over her cat, and trying new Asian cuisine. Crab rangoon is her all-time favorite.

Sports Editor

Taylor Robertson – Senior, Communication (Journalism & Media Productions)

Taylor Robertson is a Dayton native. Growing up in the city of Huber Heights, the transition to University of Dayton was seamless. Taylor began her journalism career by starting a series of instagram live interviews titled, “On the Fly,” located on the official Dayton athletics website. She enjoys hosting live events and working Sports games around campus with Flyer TV. Taylor also participates on the Women’s Track and Field team as a pole vaulter. In her free time she enjoys reality tv, cooking and begging for her cat’s attention.

Opinion Editor

Ren Sikes – Sophomore, Communication (Journalism)

Ren is a nonbinary enigma that has moved all over the world, and landed in College Station Texas, which they call home. Ren is a journalism major and aspires to be a bestselling author. They have always had a passion for telling stories, and speaking their mind. They came to Dayton in order to branch out and explore their options. They are a part of RHA and SPJ and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. As an editor on their high school newspaper they have changed policies and broadened horizons, and they hope to continue to do so on the Flyer News staff.

Business Manager

Nick Gregor – Senior, Marketing

Nick is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Nick bleeds red and blue and is all in on Flyers athletics. When not working with Flyer News, you can probably find him in blue body paint at the Flyers basketball games with Red Scare. Nick is also a part of the Mock Trial team, and plans on attending law school after his undergrad.

Assistant Business Manager

Lucinda Judd – Sophomore, Communication (Journalism) & Political Science

I am a sophomore communication and political science double major with a concentration in journalism from Buffalo, New York. I am the secretary for UD College Democrats and VP for UD SPJ. In my free time you can find me playing board games and talking about the impending doom of the Yellowstone volcano. Go Bills!

Social Media Director

Baylee Medvetz – Sophomore, Marketing

Baylee is a marketing major from Cleveland, Ohio.  She is involved in Women in Business and also runs her own shirt business.  One of her favorite things to do is travel and spend time with family and friends.

Circulation Manager

Sydney Knake – Sophomore, Communication

My name is Sydney Knake and I am a first year student here at the University of Dayton. I  am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, and am a Communications major and love to write! I am the Circulation Manager for Flyer News and from time to time write articles for FN as well!

Web Technician 

Mick Ward – Senior, Computer Science 

Mick hails from Joliet, Illinois – where the first Dairy Queen opened. He is the president of the Association for Computing Machinery Chapter on Dayton’s Campus, as well as a competitor on Dayton’s National Cyber League team. He loves to play video games, and hang out with his friends and family.