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Flyer News is the student-run newspaper of the University of Dayton. It works to have a dialogue with the campus community and offers a forum for opinion. The university makes no representations or warranties regarding products or services advertised in Flyer News. Flyer News reserves the right to edit or reject all copy. Flyer News does not necessarily uphold or advocate the opinions in the columns, letters or cartoons appearing in the opinions section. Contact us at FlyerNews – fn.editor@udayton.edu.



Online Editor-in-Chief                           

Julia Hall—Junior, English

As a lover of humans and nature, this English fanatic hopes to change the world with words just as rivers alter the edges of the earth with their currents.





Print Editor-in-Chief                                    

Grace Hagan—Senior, English

This Hershey, PA native, tired of the smell of chocolate, followed her nose for news to the FN office. She can often be found writing, drinking tea and wearing 100% cotton. Her two great loves are the written word and good arch support.



Assistant Online Editor

Roberto De La Rosa-Finch—Junior, English

Roberto has been writing for leisure since he was eight. Now he takes his passion for writing to report the stories revolving UD’s campus. Along with that drive, he focuses on making the editor’s job easier.





Assistant Print Editor                        

Kaitlin Gawkins—Sophomore, 







A&E Editor                                                   

Cari Zahn—Junior, English & Communications: Journalism

Cari is in love with writing and doesn’t know much else aside from that. She has found that her love for English and journalism works beautifully, and FN is her favorite outlet to express that. If she is not writing, she’s probably downing a froufrou coffee drink and obsessing over her planner.




Opinions Editor

Peter Kolb—Sophomore, English

Fueled by the arrogance of Kanye West, coupled with the crippling self­doubt of David Foster Wallace. Peter loves irony and hates incomplete sent




Sports Editor

Steve Miller—Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Hailing from the awkward Yankee­ Dixie estuary of Fredericksburg, Virginia, Steve is an avid baseball junkie with a convenient passion for writing. He turned to journalism to practice the social skills his engineering discipline won’t let him develop. He has written a baseball blog for over five years and enjoys traveling the country, taking in sports all the while.



News Editor                                               

Mason Di Palma—Senior, Communications: Journalism






Web Technician

Melissa Shaffer—Senior, Computer Science

Creating a website is like painting a masterpiece; the possibilities are endless. Melissa enjoys the power to virtually share great stories by a click of a mouse.



Advertising Manager

Billy Rinderie—Junior, 






Copy Editor                                                                                                              

Missy Finnegan—Junior, Communications: Journalism

Missy is a Cleveland native who is notoriously obsessed with dogs and dancing. As a proud staff writer for the A&E section of Flyer News, her eye for detail and love for commas led her to the role of Copy Editor. She is hopeful that no spelling error will be published, ever.




Art Director                                                

Mary Guida—Sophomore, 





Multimedia Editor                                                                                           

Christian Luigi Cubacub—Freshman,


Circulation Manager                                                                                               

Will Van Winkle—


Business Manager                                                                                                    

Ellie Thams—Senior, Entrepreneurship