Meet The Staff!

Print Editor-in-Chief

Griffin Quinn — Senior, Media Production and English

Hailing from the northern suburbs of Chicago, “Griff” began his journalistic career back in middle school. Upon his arrival to UD, he joined the Flyer News staff as a photographer and has since captured images at countless sporting events, including the NCAA men’s basketball First Four. Outside of FN, Griff is the Chief Marketing Officer at Flyer Enterprises, the student-run business at the University of Dayton. When he’s not working, Griff spends most of his waking hours traveling, cheering on the Chicago Cubs, and watching ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries.

Online Editor-in-Chief

Franchesca Hackworth – Graduate Student, Communication

Franchesca is from Arcanum, Ohio, a small farm town northwest of Dayton. She has always had a passion for writing and the importance of giving others the opportunity to have their voice heard. In addition to being the Flyer News Online Editor-in-Chief, Franchesca works as a Breaking News Desk Investigator for WHIO. She graduated from the University of Dayton with her bachelor’s degree in journalism last spring and is now finishing her master’s degree in communication. When she is not writing and doing research, most of her time is spent with her family, taking trips, reading, playing the piano and singing.

News Editor

Kaitlin Lewis – Junior, Journalism

Kaitlin is from Mason, Ohio, and fell in love with writing after publishing her first book Run, Pepperoni, Run! in the second grade. Her average day is spent 30% with the news, 30% doing mediocre crafts, and 30% drinking coffee. The last 10% usually involves watching The Office.

 Arts & Entertainment Editor

Lauren Durham — Junior, English and Public Relations

Lauren is from Versailles, Ohio, a small town north of Dayton that is best known for a festival devoted to chicken. She is an English and communication double major focusing on professional/technical writing and public relations. Beyond writing, her passions include breakfast food, long naps, and traveling.

Sports Editor

Peter Burtnett – Junior, Journalism

Being from Cleveland, Ohio, sports have been at the forefront of Peter’s life from the very beginning. His love of sports has combined with his love of writing to prompt him to join Flyer News first as a writer, and now as Sports Editor. Since starting a student newspaper as his Senior Project in high school, Peter has learned a lot but still has a long way to go. When he is not writing about sports, he is often playing sports video games or watching and talking about sports. Traveling and binge-watching the MCU are among his other hobbies outside of sports. 

Assistant Sports Editor

Luc Almeda – Senior, Communication and Marketing

Luc is from Kalamazoo, Michigan, a small city in the southwest corner of the mitten. He loves profiling athletes and has been doing so since his high school days as the school paper’s sports editor. Outside of Flyer News, he is the recruitment chair for Phi Alpha Delta. He pours any extra time into running, hiking, and smashing his buddies in FIFA. 

Opinion Editor

Grace Gibson – Junior, Human Rights Studies

Grace was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, and has lived all over the city and the surrounding area. She has a huge passion for human rights, and works to promote the human rights and dignities of everyone she can. As a transgender woman, she also advocates fiercely for the LGBTQ+ community. Grace is president of the Human Rights Week Committee and when she finishes her work, she leaves campus back to her home in Vandalia, Ohio. When she’s not doing those super cool things, you can find her probably starting a hobby that she’ll get bored of after one day. Sorry, sewing needles….

Director of Digital Media

Christian Cubacub — Junior, Computer Engineering

Christian loves doing event photography & cinematography. He is originally from Honolulu, HI but somehow landed in Dayton, Ohio. Since his arrival, he hasn’t stopped filming and photographing. If you’re trying to find him, we wouldn’t know where to direct you. Rumor has it that he’s constantly out there photographing events. He still hasn’t returned….

Business Manager

Atticus Hughes — Senior, Entrepreneurship and Marketing

Atticus Hughes is a senior entrepreneurship and marketing major from Akron. He is an avid Cleveland and Dayton sports fan who enjoys sharing his views and opinions about said subjects with his fellow Flyers. Ask him about growing up on a farm.

Social Media Director

Emma Shreffler — Senior, Marketing

Native to southern Michigan, Emma is a marketing major with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Here at UD, she’s an active member of Phi Alpha Delta, as well as VP of Love Your Melon.

Web Technician 

Mick Ward — Junior, Computer Science 

Mick hails from Joliet, Illinois – where the first Dairy Queen opened. He’s the Volleyball Chair for Red Scare and loves to hang out with friends and play games.

Former Online Editor

Sean Newhouse — Political Science and Journalism, BA

Sean is a political science and journalism double major. His other activities include Alpha Phi Omega and Vote Everywhere. When he’s not busy, he spends his time reminding people he studied abroad in China and interned in London.

Former News Editor

Grace James — Journalism, BA

Grace is from Centerville, OH. In addition to being a news junkie, she enjoys acting, singing and playing piano. Grace and sports editor Michael Crouchley did not realize they went to the same high school until Flyer News’ 2019 New York trip.

Former Arts & Entertainment Editor

Melody Conrad — Journalism, BA

Melody is all about faith, writing and nature. She enjoys quality time in hammocks and likes to write about college life – the music, the arts, the food, the students. Melody plans on spending plenty of time on her porch during the school year, so you may see her scribbling away in a notebook when you pass by!

Former Sports Editor

Michael Crouchley— Journalism, BA

Born and raised in Dayton, OH, Michael took to writing from a young age, and he became a journalist after one semester of sleeping through business classes. When he’s not watching sports, he excels in throwing frisbees, procrastinating and convincing himself that the Boston Celtics could be NBA champions next year.

Former Opinion Editor

Mary McLoughlin — English, BA

Stuck in the space between poetry and politics, Mary is majoring in English and Human Rights. As Opinion Editor, her most controversial opinion is her vehement belief that skin is not an organ.

Circulation Manager

Kiley Bean — Sophomore, Marketing

Kiley is a marketing major from Miami, FL (we’re not sure why she came to Ohio) who is exploring becoming a journalist. She is part of the business fraternity on campus, Alpha Kappa Psi, and when she’s not doing that Kiley is on the field for the girls’ club lacrosse team.