The Scouts of 1915 Trinity


By: Katy Hoeper – Staff Writer

FN: How did you meet?

Will McClure: Through our fraternity, Epsilon Tau Pi, the Eagle Scout one.

Matthew Worsham: We are all in the same candidate class, except Sully.

Sully Bieber: Both of ours had the largest candidate classes, which is pretty cool.

WM: Tim and I grew up together, so we have known each other the longest. We were also freshmen year roommates in Founders.


FN: Give everyone in your house a superlative.

MW: Will and Sully are the Most Bearded.

Matt Baczkowski: And Matthew and I are the Least Bearded.

SB: Tim is the Middle Bearded, as in his beard changes all the time.

Tim Dale: Yeah if you had done this a few weeks ago, I would’ve been one of the Most Bearded for sure.

WM: Matthew Sleeps the Least, probably.


I’m pretty sure he runs on batteries.

SB: He will leave at 10 a.m. on Sunday, and we won’t see him until the next day.

TD: Will is Least Likely to Leave UD.

SB: Matt and I are probably the Farthest Away. I’m from Chicago, and he’s from Detroit.

WM: Yeah, and Sully’s moving back to Chicago, while Matt is going to UConn.


FN: Is there anything on your UD bucket list for these last few weeks?

TD: I think we all have checked out by now, honestly.

WM: I’ve done a lot of the things already: Bathroom in the sky, basketball game, red scare events…

MB: And intramurals. What I still haven’t done is go back to my freshmen dorm and take those guys out to dinner. I think that would be pretty cool to do.


FN: What is your favorite spot at UD?

TD: (pointing to couch) Right here.

MW: I have a love-hate relationship with KU 232, which is the Flyer News office. Actually, it’s mostly


love. Well, really all love. Please let me back in.

MB: I think mine would have to be the bench by Stuart that overlooks everything.

WM: Mine is a toss-up between the porch and KU Field.

MW: Oh, I like the elevator in Sheehy Hall. We used to play awesome elevator pranks freshmen year. One time, one of my friends and I pulled chairs and a rolly-drawer-thing into the elevator, played cards and ordered pizza there.

SB: Mine is either the porch or Serenity Pines.

MB: I also really liked living in Caldwell sophomore year. We lived there its first year.

SB: And you let us use your washers and dryers.

MW: I think we can all agree that this house is the best place on campus. We used to come here all the time before we lived here, too, just to hang out, so it’s cool to get to live here now.


FN: What is a house tradition?

WM: We try to go camping at least once a semester with the fraternity.


MW: Oktoberfest was pretty cool too. We share a lot of the same friends so every fall we would all get together and invite our close friends, and we cook really good German food.

WM: I am making sure that they do it next year.


FN: If you guys were to be .visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

TD: Riding their hover boards.

MW: He’s very into “Back to the Future.”

WM: Probably back here very similarly doing what we are doing now.

SB: Still paying off student loans.

MW: Will will be sitting in front of a fire with a leather-bound book, and that’s all he will be doing with his life.

TD: Occasionally going “Hmmmm.”

WM: Sounds about right. I demand a study in my house. With a wing-back chair.

MW: And you demand that it is called a study.

MB: Hopefully, I’ll have my debt paid off.

WM: He’ll be doing polymer things.

MB: I’ll be in the industry, hopefully.

WM: He’ll bring the hover boards. And make the shoes that tie themselves. Sully will set aside his engineering career to raid villages along the English coastline.

MB: Tim will be doing code-breaking or something for the CIA.


FN: What is your most embarrassing moment here at UD?

MW: What about Sully-isms?

SB: Those aren’t really embarrassing…

WM: They’re embarrassing for us.

MW: Direct quote from Sully, “Pancakes. Cake. Bake cake…can you bake pancakes?”

WM: Mine was freshmen year, when I was frantically tearing apart my room looking for my keys. I found out I had left them on a peg in the bathroom shower.

SB: Maybe mine could be…well, actually, I don’t think catching myself on fire was that embarrassing…

MB: Sully, I think you just have a high-tolerance for embarrassing things.


WM: Sully just finds himself in weird situations, like that one time that he found himself in a van with no one he knew, ordering Taco Bell.

MW: Mine is every time I have tripped for no apparent reason during intramurals games.


FN: What are you looking forward to most after graduation?

WM: Money.

TD: Having my own place, to be the master of my own destiny finally.

WM: Yeah, and actually getting to apply everything that I have been learning.

SB: Not going to school anymore.

WM: Yeah, the lack of homework would be nice. Except I guess I will still be grading…

MB: I’m looking forward to getting paid for something that I enjoy doing. Like having my own project and getting to decide where I go with it.

MW: I am just really excited about grad school.

MB: Same. No more stupid classes like religion or history or anthropology, really.

WM: That’s true, I could do without any more communication classes.


FN: What else are you involved in here?

TD: I work at the Research Institute downtown.

WM: I work at UDit and I have been a biology SI for three semesters. We are all also on the executive board for our fraternity.

SB: I’m in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

MW: Flyer News.

MB: I work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, which is part of AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratories).


FN: What advice do you want to give underclassmen?

MW: You’ll figure it out.

WM: Enjoy the little things.

MB: Don’t be afraid to explore or go out and try new things. Intramurals. Go to Up the Orgs.

WM: Definitely get involved.

MW: Don’t be afraid to leave campus for a semester.

WM: Definitely study abroad.

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