The Men of 1903 Trinity

Porch Profile
By: Janine Costello – Porch Correspondent

FN: How did you all meet each other?
Joshua Tovey: Brian, Sean and I lived in this house last year and we wanted to continue living here this year. We like having a presence on campus and being a part of MSC. So we put a squad together and that’s how the 11 of us live here now.
Dominic Sanfilippo: A lot of us were good friends before we started living in the Marianist house.
Ryan Phillips: We all share the same values. There is a certain time of the week that we have a meal together and pray together – we embrace all the Marianist activities that come with living in this house.
Ryan Mulligan: And we also have mass in the chapel upstairs every Monday!
DS: We had the coolest surprise by having a roommate who joined last second this year… Jeremy Lui! Jeremy, how do you like living in this house?
Jeremy Liu: Yes, it is great! We have great roommates and everyone treats me like a homie. We play music together and they taught me their religion and American culture. For example Josh taught me to not make noise when you’re eating…
JT: I consulted people before I said that!
JL: And after you take a shower, keep the floor dry!
JT: OK, but we also taught you about football.
Sean Ferguson: Jeremy, who’s your favorite football team?
JL: The first game I ever saw was a Steelers game, so I side with them.
DS: Well, now that we’re on the topic of Jeremy and sports… Jeremy once balled with Kobe in China!
JL: Kobe Bryant came to my hometown and played with my friends and I. He passed the ball to me and taught me a game called “mamba shake”.
DS: It was funny because we met Jeremy on the first day and are all starting to get to know each other and one of the first things he tells us is that he balled with Kobe in China. We didn’t believe him at first… but the proof is in his profile picture.

FN: If you had to give everyone in your house a superlative, what would it be?
All: Dom is most likely to be in the mob!
RP: True story: we were talking about how we wanted to go to a Notre Dame game one day and Dom, without blinking an eye calls a number we don’t know and says, “Hey, how’s it going? I need tickets to the Notre Dame game”.
DS: OK, but for the record I am not in the mob!
SF: Ben is most likely to live in the woods.
DL: If Ben is most likely to live in the woods, then Jack is most likely to live in a solar-powered van.
Sam Brickwegh: Parked down by the river.
BZ: This summer he took urine and converted it into…
Jack Schluter: OK… we don’t need to talk about that.
Andrew Eckrich: Most likely to send you an email is Ryan Phillips.
JS: More like, most likely to send you an email you won’t read is Ryan Phillips.
DS: Sam is most likely to be a basic white girl and drink a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.
SB: I’m a gold member…
AE: We all know Sean is most likely to be struck by lightning.
RP: Most likely to charm 10 girls would be Andrew Eckrich.
DS: Yeah, Andrew is basically like, “Sometimes I play the banjo and look so casual doing it”.
JL: I will introduce my homie Josh Tovey. He is the king of fashion. You should know there is a Trinity clothing store over here! I always say, “Wow Josh, you are my idol. Wow”.
* Josh and Jeremy hug*
Bryan Westerlund: Ryan Mulligan is most likely to call someone a chum.
JT: B-West is most likely to be married and not tell any of us. He is also most likely to wake up with his hair looking perfect… The man with no flaws.
DS: But really, every time he wakes up in the morning his hair still looks like that.
AE: Jeremy is most likely to post something to Instagram.
BW: Yes, and most likely to be taking a selfie.

FN: If you guys were to be visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would you all be up to?
JT: I can do this one with no problem. Ryan Phillips just got a job as an athletic director at a big ten school.
DS: No, an athletic director at a big ten school who’s going through a scandal.
SB: Jack left civilization.
DS: Sam is a beer brewing monk at St. Meinrad’s Abbey.
JT: Sean still hasn’t graduated from UD…
BW: …and he has just published his first book, “Struck”.
JT: Dom is finishing up his doctoral thesis at…
RP: Sinclair Community College!
DS: Jeremy will be a starting shooting guard for the Dallas Mavericks.
SF: B-west has 8 children and is the new “Pittsburgh dad”.
SB: He is also a deacon.
BW: In 10 years?! I’d consider it.
Jack: Ben is a full time boy scout living in a treehouse. He has also captured Sasquatch.
BW: Josh will have left politics to become the CEO of J-Crew.
JL: Josh, you raise me up.
*all sing in unison “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban*
SF: Andrew is on tour with John Mayer called the “Trail of Broken Hearts” and has casually run across the country two times already.
RP: Andrew sometimes plays the banjo, but usually he just plays his abs.
RP: Ryan Mulligan is low-key the mini Eminem… but not THE white rapper, someone not nearly as famous.

FN: Is there any advice you want to give to first-years?
JL: Enjoy your life, play music and make good friends. Remember to work – JUST DO IT.
JS: Watch out for the mob
*all look at Dom*
JT: Visit 1903 Trinity for Monday night mass at 9 or any other time!
SF: Take a victory lap or two.
JL: Freshmen, if you want to know how to dress then just dress like Josh. If you’re afraid then come to Josh for help.
DS: Go outside of your comfort zone.
RM: Don’t be afraid to fail.
All: Get off campus, UD will be here when you get back.
BW: We think it is really important to explore the city of Dayton, it has a lot to offer.

FN: Do you guys have any big plans for fall break?
All: Shooting a fall catalog.

FN: If your house were to come with a warning label, what would it say?
RP: “Don’t let Dom touch your coffee mug”.
All: Yes, never let Dom touch your coffee mug.
RP: The last time Dom used my coffee mug he had an incident where he dropped it in the toilet. The whole thing shattered and he left it there for 8 hours.
SB: “Warning: Brothers do not live here.”
RM: “We don’t cook, we learn.”
JL: “When Jeremey is cooking, look out!”
SB: “Go Pope Francis!”
DS: “Get off our lawn!”

FN: Is there anything else you guys would like to share about yourself?
JL: #Unique New York
All: Go flyers and God bless!

Photo by Janine Costello.

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