Editor predicts fall break social media posts

By: Mary Kate Dorr – A&E Editor

It’s here, everyone. The time you all have been waiting for since move-in day, when you realized you would have to cope with housing’s poor excuse for air conditioning throughout the long end-of-summer months: fall. With fall comes not only the sudden wardrobe change, stock piles of candy in every grocery store, and horror movie marathons on every channel, but our beloved fall break where we can return home to a regular-sized bed. And family, I guess. This also means that Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram will be blowing up with the ever-cliche “home” posts, because what else is there to do at home anyway? (Note: Take no offense, as I am guilty of every one).

I don’t know where this influx of animal snapchats is during the summer, but come fall break, everyone and their mother is flooding Snapchat with videos of their reunion with their dog. Can we make this an everyday thing, people? Having a social media feed clogged with repetitive material is only annoying when said repetitive material does not have giant eyes and a wet nose. New social media rule: more puppies, less of everything else.

Fast food
You probably stopped here before even entering your front door. Once fall break hits, so does a filtered photo of Portillo’s/Canes/Skyline/Swenson’s with a few heart-eyed emojis and the caption “reunited with bae.” I don’t care where you are from, you are guilty of this. No other reunion compares to the greasy food you have been craving since pulling out of your driveway in August.

Reunion with high school friends
You know what they say, some are silver and the other gold, and whoever was your friend when you had braces and a Bump-It is a friend for life. Whether you’re visiting them on their campus or lucked out and have a crossover in fall breaks, you’re bound to snap a pic of your best friends from high school because you missed them and it’s just really had to re-tell that inside joke you made up in ninth grade. Side note: No one understood it then, no one understands it now.

A cozy night in
What’s this? A picture of a house that isn’t littered with college students? A FLOOR? I haven’t seen one of those in ages! This photograph is often taken from the couch, accompanied by a mug of coffee and a stray family member who is unaware that you are documenting watching “Grey’s Anatomy” with your cat. Throw in a blanket and a “good to be back” caption, and you too can master this classic snapshot.

Picture of college friend with sarcastic caption
“We can’t stay away from each other.” “Look whose back.” “Long time, no see.” “Stop stalking me.” Usually taken at a restaurant or coffee shop while said college friend is not looking at the camera because they are on their phone. Bonus points to you if this person is your roommate. Do you really need to spend any more time together than you already do?

Pumpkin spiced anything
Ah, a Starbucks cup with your name scribbled and misspelled next to the ever-popular “PSL” order. The likelihood that dark nail polish and an infinity scarf are also somewhere in this photo are strong, even though it’s probably still at least 70 degrees outside. This post isn’t limited though. Why stop at a latte? Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins and basically every other pumpkin flavored carbohydrate are targets for these seasonal and festive social media posts.

The ultimate reality of your time spent at home: A photograph of a screen, illuminating your dark bedroom despite it probably still being daylight, with your current Netflix binge as the focus. Why spend time socializing when you get enough of that at school? Everyone knows fall break is less about catching up with your family and more about spending some quality time with the fictional characters you are too emotionally invested in. If you manage to pull yourself from the depths of your comforter at any point during this break, more power to you my friend.

Happy fall break Flyers, and don’t forgot to document every motion you make on social media to make all of your other friends jealous! #Midterms #FallBreak #Freedom #Home

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