Kentucky Headhunters to play Land of Illusion

By: Allison Kurtz – Music Critic

The Kentucky Headhunters will be playing at Land of Illusion in Middletown, Ohio, Friday, Oct. 9. The Kentucky Headhunters are a Grammy award-winning, southern rock and blues band with decades of on-the-road experience. Their most recent album, “Meet Me In Bluesland,” was released in June, and they have been touring in support of its release for the past few months.

The Kentucky Headhunters include Fred Young, Richard Young, Greg Martin, Doug Phelps and Anthony Kenney. All brothers or cousins, their influence comes mainly from their parents and growing up together in Edmonton, Kentucky. Formed in 1986, they’ve been making music ever since.

“Meet Me In Bluesland” was recorded with the late Johnnie Johnson. Johnson was Chuck Berry’s keyboardist and has been a major influence throughout music history. The Headhunters had the chance to meet Johnson at the Grammys. Richard Young, rhythm guitarist and vocalist for the Headhunters, said they spent the whole night getting to know Johnson, creating a lasting friendship. In 2003, after a memorable performance by Johnson and The Rolling Stones in Texas, Johnson and the Headhunters recorded “Meet Me In Bluesland.” While it has been recorded for some time, they decided to release it this year.

Their upcoming show at Land of Illusion is in support of their latest album and is sure to be a good time. Land of Illusion is a scream park with several hunted houses located in Middletown, Ohio. When asked if they’ve ever performed anywhere like this before the answer was no. Young went on to explain that Halloween is a big deal in their household so this show is right up their alley. “I got all excited,” Young said when he found out about the show.

The audience can expect a lot of spontaneity at this show. Richard Young explained that they have 14 albums to play off of, and after touring together for so long they no longer need a set list. The band is very focused on the audience and starts the show with a “skeleton” of a set list and builds it as the show progresses. By planning the show this way, you’re guaranteed to hear some new songs as well as the classic Headhunters tunes.

The Kentucky Headhunters have been touring for years. They know how to have fun and this show will be no exception. If you’re looking for some Halloween fun, this is a show you shouldn’t miss.

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