Porch Profile: The Women of 216 College Park

By: Kayla Mueller – Staff Writer

Flyer News: How did you guys meet?

All: CORE freshman year.

Katie Bruns: We were all neighbors and lived down the hall from each other.

Joy and Sam Hamilton: Yeah, we’re twins.

FN: Describe 216 College Park in one word.

Alexa Hill: Dangerous.

SH: Fun.

KB: Fantabulous.

Yaimarie Queeman: It’s quirky, but I am going to say “home.”

JH: Diverse.

Vicki Kolodziej: Crazy – in all the best ways possible.

KB: OK, that’s more than one word.

AH: Sign language. We speak French, Spanish, German… and English, in case you were wondering.

JH: I speak Teletubbie.

FN: Tell me about 216 College Park.

YQ: We are talkative and loud. There’s impromptu singing, musical numbers…I am the only one who can’t sing.

KB: We made our own curtains, and the house is called the “Diamond in the Rough.”

YQ: Her knitting chest is our treasure.

VK: Crockpots…we are like old people.

KB: We go on “cleaning terrors” – when we all clean everything.

FN: What would be the theme song of your house?

[All start singing “The Lonely Goatherd” from “The Sound of Music”]

KB: Can that still be our theme song? Because none of us are lonely or goatherds.

SH: Definitely the last song from “The Breakfast Club.”

JH: We’re Disney kids.

FN: What are you guys going to be for Halloween?

SH, YQ and KB: “Hocus Pocus” theme.

JH: I might be the little girl.

AH: I’m going to be a Power Ranger.

YQ: My boyfriend might be whatever is left over.

FN: If you guys were in a movie together, what would it be?

SH: “Pitch Perfect.”

All: “Bridesmaids.”

FN: If you were any Disney character who would you be?

YQ: Tinker Bell.

VK: Sleeping Beauty.

KB: Cinderella.

JH: Belle.

AH: Me too!

SH: Milo from “Atlantis”…what are the other cool nerds that invent stuff? Maybe Robin Williams from “Flubber.”

All: No…that’s not flattering.

SH: OK, Ursula from “The Little Mermaid.” Can I change mine…I want to be Sheldon Cooper [“The Big Bang Theory].

FN:What is your favorite place in the house?

All: Balcony.

KB: I lied. The far right corner of the couch.

VK: My bed.

FN: What is the coolest event that you have at your house?

YQ: We are such cool kids, though.

VK: We had a potluck dinner. We invited people but nobody really came… Just the boyfriends. And two friends.

JH: Sam and I had our 21st birthday weekend in the beginning of the year.

YQ: Once, we tried to do man night and ended up singing, painting and knitting while watching “Diehard.”

AH: I threw a spa party.

FN: What is the biggest running joke?

All: Oh, no, we have so many.

YQ: I don’t think that any one joke is appropriate enough to be an answer.

KB: Hrothgar my terydactyl.

FN: If 216 were a zoo, what animals would you guys be?

VK: I would be a gazelle.

AH: Bear.

KB: A fox…I liked it before the song.

YQ: I would be a monkey.

SH: Wolf.

JH: Guys I’m trying to pick between a lion and a polar bear. I really don’t like animals.

VK: Or you could be a bird…

FN: What are your plans after graduation?

VK: Moving to Orlando, Fla. in January to work for Disney.

AH: I am going to be a teacher.

SH: I want to be Indiana Jane and work in a museum. I am hoping to get an internship with the field museum.

KB: I am going to get my master’s degree in library science. End goal: Librarian of Congress.

JH: Vicki finds the bright side of everything …I want a career in publishing in Chicago or New York, and my ultimate end goal is to win a bunch of Oscars.

YQ: Move to the United States officially, in the Midwest, and eventually move to Texas to be closer to my sisters and find a job in marketing or sales.

FN: Any advice for your fellow Flyers?

KB: Don’t read for class.

AH: Eat whatever you want.

VK: We didn’t stop looking for houses. [Starts singing “Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up]

SH: Don’t let bad days dictate the ways you live your life. A good day will always come.

JH: No matter what kind of day you have had, your friends are always going to be there when you get home.

YQ: Friends are the family that you choose for yourself…I stole that from somewhere but I don’t care.

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