Let’s Sing Taylor – A Live Band Experience

Picture courtesy of The Music Hall

Kerry Kadel | Editor-in-Chief 

On the first of June, I got to see Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in concert again–well, not really, but it was a whole lot like it. 

Let’s Sing Taylor is a live band playing instruments with singers and dancers paying tribute to the incredible live concert performance power that Taylor Swift embodies. Unlike Swift’s Eras Tour, the band doesn’t go through every single album or era, but the magic of being a fan, or Swiftie, is still as present and sparkly as ever. 

If you’ve seen across social media, Swifties have been dressing up for the concert since it began last Spring in March 2023, wearing sparkly dresses, recreating Swift’s iconic outfits throughout the years from her music videos, memes, and can get as specific as dressing up as lyrics. 

I was worried at first, walking from the parking lot of the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights, wearing a pink cowboy hat my roommate had bought for a party and a Swift-themed album shirt. I saw girls wearing casual clothes, and their grandfather wearing a cowboy hat. So, I was at least matching with someone, just not in my age range. 

All my worries disappeared when standing in line to get into the very small stadium. Little girls and grown adults, mothers, fathers, boyfriends and girlfriends dressing up as if they were truly attending a Taylor Swift concert, just like I had about a year ago seeing Swift live. A little girl even had a handmade “reputation” Eras Tour outfit that was extremely adorable and creative. 

I attended the sing-along concert with my sister and mother, both fans of Swift, and while I had gone to see Swift in Cincinnati last summer, it was with my mom. I hoped my sister would like it, and have just as much fun. 

The sing-along blew my expectations out of the atmosphere. 

The band was fantastic! There was a keyboardist, a drummer, and a guitarist who got to own the stage for a moment to sing “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles as a type of intermission while the singer impersonating Taylor got to move onto the next era and get ready in a new costume. 

Speaking of, the singer who embodied Swift did a spectacular job! A very talented young woman who did the Eras Tour intro with her own voice and no recorded vocals such as the true opening of Swift’s Tour. It made the night so much more authentic, and like how fans are being surprised from Swift’s outfit changes and song choices, the singer had the crowd caught in surprise with the exact same tactics. Some of her outfits were on par with what Swift wears in each era of the tour, such as “Lover”, “Red”, “Midnights”, and “Fearless”, but there was her own spin for the “reputation” era, having a bodysuit with a hood that Swifties would recognize as the outfit from the music video for the song “…Ready for It?”

I wondered, with the release of Swift’s newest album, The Tortured Poets Department, if the band would incorporate it within the show. They did, with a beautiful white dress like Swift wears during this section of the tour, and then the singer teasing the crowd with one more surprise–another outfit change that resembled the one Swift performs to end the era to sing her song “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart”. There were more surprises such as songs from the newest album embedded into the setlist that aren’t on the Eras Tour, which had the crowd experiencing the unknown excitement of a Taylor Swift-esque concert. 

There was no acoustic, or surprise song section, as Swift and fans call it, but still, it was an exciting and fun event that my sister, mother and I shared together along with a stadium full of others of various ages who love Taylor Swift and her music. 

I highly recommend attending this event if you’re a Swiftie who is unable to attend The Eras Tour for various reasons, mainly troubles with ticket apps and how pricey resellers have tickets for. 

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If you want to check out Let’s Sing Taylor, follow this link for information about their upcoming events and the venues they’ll be performing at: https://www.letssingtaylor.com/

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