Late-night activities provide options for students

By: Chris Crisanti – Chief News Writer

The Center for Student Involvement is preparing for the Halloween season by hosting a series of free, on-campus late-night events designed to provide students with an alternative to alcohol activities.

Late-night events began back in August with an after-hours bowling event in the KU Hangar, according to the Center for Student Involvement’s calendar of events. Events in September included a Reds game at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, a backyard cookout and game night, Girl’s Night in the McGinnis Center, and a performance by magician Derek Hughes, according to the calendar.

Assistant Director of Student Development for the Center for Student Involvement Kernysha Rowe said ArtStreet Studio B will host its weekly Friday night film series with a screening of “Living for 32” Oct. 25, at 8 p.m.

UD’s office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Education and the Center for Student Involvement will host “American (Flyer) Gladiator” Oct. 25 in the KU Central Mall during which seven activities, such as jousting, will take place, Rowe said. The event will take place from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. and PepsiCo will be in attendance to promote and provide free products.

“Through ‘American (Flyer) Gladiator’ we are bringing the show ‘Gladiator’ to UD’s campus,” Rowe said. “Most importantly, the event will promote alcohol awareness for alcohol awareness week.”

Rowe said the Center for Student Involvement will host an “Ultimate Video Game Tournament” during which students will compete playing six sports games on PlayStation 3 over six rounds. Rowe added 64 spots are available and registration is free at the KU Box Office.

“We will have six projection screens in two different rooms,” Rowe said. “The six games played will be raffled after every round and the winner of the tournament will be awarded a PS4.”

Rowe said flyers are distributed throughout campus promoting the events.

Amy Lopez-Matthews, executive director for the Center for Student Involvement, said they host at least one event every weekend so students can participate in alternative events rather than alcohol activities.

“Every Saturday at 11 p.m. the Center for Student Involvement hosts a movie night in KU free for all UD students,” Lopez-Matthews said. “The movies are typically new releases and receiving around 60 students is considered a good turnout.”

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) will host stand-up comedian Drew Thomas Oct. 26 at the KU’s Boll Theatre and poet Kate Wirsing on Nov. 1, according to the event calendar.

CAB President Patrick Doyle said the organization works closely with the organization’s advisor and graduate assistant to create events where any student can feel welcome and have a great time. Doyle said CAB is able to supply student-run groups with up to $1,500 a semester to design their own events.

“UD students should care about and attend these events because they genuinely are a lot of fun,” Doyle said. “Not only that, but the fact that these events are, for the most part, student designed and implemented is an awesome feat. We’ve listened to the students to learn about what kind of programing they want and we’re doing it.”

“Not only is CAB providing things, there is so much to do here,” Lopez-Matthews said. “There are tons of programs on this campus, such as theater and ensembles, to do literally every night without taking part in alcohol activities.”

Lopez-Matthews said the events are not meant to force students to stop drinking, but show the student body there are viable alternatives to drinking.

“We have a number of students who arrived here and never drank before or are too young to drink,” Lopez-Matthews said. “We want to let them know there are other things to do. With the Center for Student Involvement offering good, fun and alternative things to do around campus, it brings a balanced sense of wellness.”

To find out more about the events, contact the Center for Student Involvement at (937) 229-3333 or visit KU 241.

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