Cincy-based Automagik describes shows as ‘a lot of a lot’

By: Allison Kurtz – Staff Writer

Do yourself a favor right now and Google “Automagik.” Listen to the song “Chill Pills” and be taken away to magical place, automagikal, if you will.

Automagik is a local band from Cincinnati that has been playing small venues for years. After playing festivals like SXSW in Austin, Texas, and MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati last year, the boys said they are getting excited and ready to get their music out.

Automagik started in 2010 with band members Zach Evans, vocals/guitar; Devin Williams, lead guitar; and Baron Walker, keyboard; and added drummer Alex Cluxton and bass player Jamie Rasmussen about a year ago. They met like every normal band does: on Craigslist. Original members Zach and Devin met through Craigslist many years ago and since then have band-surfed finding the current lineup all with the help of Craigslist.

According to their Facebook page, the band considers its genre “rocky road ice cream.” While that’s a fairly accurate description, since the music is both creamy and delicious, Cluxton describes it as something more akin to “throwback rock and roll mixed with power pop infused with glitter and spice and everything nice.” The band’s sound has been compared by several to something similar to Weezer, Wolfmother and The Strokes.  I’d even say I hear a little of Jack White in Evans’ vocals; combine that with the band’s groovy rhythms similar to those of up-and-coming, Nashville-based band Turbo Fruits and you’ve got Automagik.

When searching “Automagik” in YouTube, the top three hits are their music videos, “Chill Pills,” “Teleportation Blues” and “Fashion Police,” two of which are featured on their most recent album, 2013’s “Black Sundae.” Judging by these videos alone, these guys like to have a good time and that energy will obviously be present at their show.

Cluxton says their shows are “a lot of a lot.” The band prefers to bring a performance to their concerts: something to remember. Though Automagik’s passion to have fun has gotten them into some complications in the past (nothing major, of course), it’s really just them having fun and trying to relate to the fans. Cluxton says the best part of performing live is connecting with the audience.

“To have an interaction with somebody that doesn’t know you, it’s pretty awesome,” Cluxton said. All of the band mates have day jobs so performing live is a chance to relax and “an opportunity to be yourself,” he said.

Automagik has played in Dayton several times before at Blind Bob’s and Canal Public House (previously Canal Street Tavern), but this will be its first time playing South Park Tavern. Cluxton, a Dayton native, says the crowd in Dayton has always been a fun one. This show, along with the ones following, is in anticipation of Automagik’s upcoming EP which we can expect at the end of April.

Automagik will play Friday in Dayton at South Park Tavern, a smaller venue to make the show more of an intimate party with a live band than a concert. Their songs all have a strong beat, making dancing practically necessary. These guys are full of energy and love having fun which pretty much guarantees that you will, too. In the words of Cluxton, “You will be rewarded for your exploration.”

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