ArtsLIVE welcomes Rose Ensemble as final performance

By: Madeline Doman – Staff Writer

This week, ArtsLIVE at the University of Dayton will present the Rose Ensemble as its final event of the 2014-15 academic year. The Rose Ensemble is a musical religious chorus group that sings across the United States. The eleven members in the chorus group give music a new meaning with their enlightening spirit.

According to the group’s official website,, its mission is to create “musical performances and educational programs that connect audiences to compelling stories of human history, culture, and spirituality from around the world.”

“The Rose Ensemble has such a beautiful sound, and the focus of their program so perfectly fits our campus values: UD supports each of us strengthening our own faith, as well as learning about other faith traditions,” Eileen Carr, ArtsLIVE Coordinator at UD said.

Since 1996, The Rose Ensemble has enchanted audiences with beautiful voices and engaging performances that shed light on “centuries of rarely heard repertoire, bringing to modern audiences research from the world’s manuscript libraries and fresh perspectives on history, culture, politics and spirituality from around the globe,” Carr said.

She said this concert is much anticipated because of the beautiful sound of the music and traditional faith it touches on.

“I think this concert – which presents musical works from the three great faith traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam – is one where we can both reflect and possibly deepen our own beliefs but also learn a bit about other religious cultures,” Carr said.

This faith-centralized concert will take place Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Church of the Holy Angels. The Rose Ensemble will fill the entire church with harmony as they sing songs of faith that Carr said will uplift the spirit and open the mind.

“It has a beautiful interior and its acoustics are perfect for choral music,” Carr said. “This church is on Brown Street, surrounded by campus and right across the street from Fitz Hall.”

UD students are encouraged to attend and learn from this experience. “If UD students are at all curious about learning more about faith traditions, world cultures and history, this is a perfect way to do it in a beautiful space,” Carr said.

The Rose Ensemble wants to engage the audience and Carr emphasizes that they “do a great job researching the songs that they present, so they bring the audience with them.”

Not only is this concert an opportunity to gain knowledge about faith and tradition but students can also gain PATH credit through AVIATE. This event is one of the last this year and AVIATE has 100 free tickets available.

To learn more about this last event of ArtsLIVE 2014/15 season, please visit . For more on The Rose Ensemble and their music, visit

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