Former UD student sentenced to jail, registered sex offender after placing a camera in library restroom

Suspect accused of placing hidden camera in Roesch Library convicted. Photo of barbed wire courtesy of PxHere.

Franchesca Hackworth
Online Editor-in-Chief

A former University of Dayton student will serve 18 months in jail and be a registered sex offender for 15 years after he placed a hidden camera in a restroom at Roesch Library on campus.

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At the time, police were working to identify six people who used the restroom on the evening of Oct. 28.

The suspect who has not been named by the university was convicted on two counts of possession of criminal tools and one count of voyeurism, confirmed UD Police Chief Savalas Kidd. He will be required to participate in mandatory treatment and is prohibited from returning to the University of Dayton campus.

“I want to thank all those who contacted Public Safety, and especially the six individuals who came forward and were positively identified,” Kidd said.

During the extensive investigation, a specialized cybersecurity consultant was hired and UD police examined the materials found on the suspect’s devices.

Hundreds of still images and videos that appear to have been taken without the other person’s consent were found.

No evidence was found suggesting that the images or videos were uploaded to the internet or shared with others, Kidd said in his email update.

The time and location the photos were taken could not be determined and neither could the identities of the people in the photos.

UD’s Public Safety acknowledged that reading about crimes of this nature may be unsettling and offered support and assistance as well as access to resources.

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