Public Safety Still Trying to Identify Students Recorded by Hidden Camera in Roesch Library Bathroom

Sean Newhouse 
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Public Safety is still trying to identify all six individuals who were recorded by a hidden camera in a Roesch Library (cover photo) bathroom that was discovered in October. Courtesy of the University of Dayton

Public Safety is still seeking to identify individuals who were recorded by a hidden camera in a Roesch Library bathroom that was discovered in October.

In an email sent on Nov. 20, Public Safety announced the discovery of the camera and asked individuals who may have used a unisex restroom on the second floor of Roesch Library between 9:30 and 10:45 p.m. on Oct. 28 to reach out to them.

Potentially affected students can contact Public Safety by calling 937-229-2799 or by emailing

Public Safety is trying to identify the six individuals who were recorded in order to file “appropriate charges” against the individual who allegedly installed the recording device. The suspect has been barred from campus.

Public Safety told Flyer News that several people have been identified but not all six.

While the former student accused of installing the recording device was removed from campus soon after the camera was discovered on Oct. 28, campus was not informed about the incident until Nov. 20.

In response to a question about this time gap, Public Safety said “…the [email] was sent when the investigation had progressed to a stage where certain information could be shared publicly.”

University staff also conducted a sweep of locations frequented by the suspect, and they found no additional hidden cameras.

While the university is not sharing what type of equipment the suspect used, this is what Amazon’s bestselling hidden camera looks like:

This is what the hidden camera might have looked like. Screen grab from Amazon

Flyer News is sharing this information for students who may want to know what to look for if they are concerned about a suspicious device in a public space.

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