Writer Shares Excitement, Anticipation Of Browns Season

Atticus Hughes
Contributing Writer

Surprise, surprise, the Browns took another game down to the wire. In typical 2018 Browns fashion, Cleveland took down their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens, in overtime on Sunday by a score of 12-9.

Through five weeks of the NFL season, I’m pretty sure the Cleveland Browns have caused me more stress than any midterm or final will ever cause me here at Dayton.

The Browns have required an extra period of gameplay on three of their five games so far. Even on games not requiring overtime, the Browns have had every contest decided by four points or less.

Talk about exhilarating.

Despite me having fears of ANOTHER tie, the Brownies pulled out a W on a knuckle ball kick by Greg Joseph with two seconds left to play in the overtime period.

This weeks last second win came on the heels of Baker Mayfield and a relentless defensive unit.

The defense for the Browns played out-of-their minds on Sunday, allowing just nine points, all coming on field goals. They shut out the Ravens from scoring a single touchdown.

On top of this, they came up with two more turnovers, a Denzel Ward TD saving interception and a fumble recovery. This brings their turnover total to 15, that’s three per game, as well as a league best.

Defense alone can’t win a game, and this is where Mayfield offered his services. Mayfield finished the game 25-43, 342-yards passing and a TD. This all came after an interception on his first throw of the game.

Hue Jackson mentioned Mayfield’s innate ability to allow the past to stay in the past, move forward and keep playing hard.

Mayfield balled out and was the reason the Browns drove down the field. After starting from their own five-yard line he punched in the game winning field goal to bring the fans of Cleveland their first Browns victory on a Sunday since Dec. 13th, 2015.

That’s over 1,000 days without a Browns win on a Sunday.

Oh and I forgot to mention, THE BROWNS ARE .500. Let that sink in for a minute.

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