OPINION: UD has it’s very own friendly student neighborhood spider-man

Who is this mysterious hero? We’re still not sure, but it sounds like he came to the rescue at the right time.

Ren Sikes | Opinions Editor

As the Halloween season comes to an end, and we all recover from the past weekend’s festivities, I’d like to share a story that I heard over the course of Halloween weekend. Supposedly, UD has it’s very own friendly student neighborhood Spiderman. 

Now while this has not yet been confirmed by Public Safety, the story is that someone dressed as Spiderman swooped in and saved a girl who was being attacked by another student. He apparently won the fight and escaped before Public Safety could reveal his secret identity. 

Public Safety can confirm that a call was made on Oct. 30 at 1:38 a.m. “Someone reported a fight between someone dressed in an orange jumpsuit and someone dressed as Spiderman,” according to the Public Safety call log from this past weekend. “Officers responded and did not locate anyone.”

I, for one, am very excited to see how this pans out. Who is our mysterious superhero? Will he strike again? Will he truly be our UD superhero or was this a one time thing? One thing is for sure, I will be waiting at the edge of my seat for any development on this story. 

While we are still unsure what truly took place Saturday morning, I love the idea of a university superhero. Someone who can partner with Public Safety to keep the streets of the Student Neighborhood safe, or someone who works independently. 

In the times we are living in, we desperately need superheroes. With the amount of assault and harassment increasing everyday, it’s important to have people who can protect you. While a real life Spiderman might be nice to have, we can’t deny the fact that we aren’t all super hero material. So I implore you to look out for your friends while in the student neighborhood and avoid walking around campus alone at night. 

If you or a friend has any information on our mysterious caped crusader (I know Spiderman doesn’t wear a cape, but I’ve always wanted to use that phrase) then message us at flyernews on instagram. 

I am prepared to be UD’s very own J. Jonah Jameson and continue to report on the adventures of UD’s superhero. For those of you who appreciate the original Spiderman comics or movies you will know who I am referring to. 

I hope you all continue to stay safe over the next few weeks before Thanksgiving break and continue to take care of yourself. While you do, keep an eye out for the University of Dayton’s Friendly Student Neighborhood Spiderman.

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