Students splash their way to victory in Battleship Tournament

The tournament was a part of the biannual Residential Rivalry. Photo courtesy of Sikes.

Ren Sikes | Opinions Editor

During the weekend of Oct. 22, the University of Dayton Residential Housing Association came together with Campus Recreation for a battleship tournament in their biannual partnership, Residential Rivalry. This is a continuation of the cornhole and kickball tournaments that occured last year. 

The event took place in the RecPlex pools in the evening of Friday, Oct. 22 and most of Saturday, Oct. 23. The main objective of the game was to sink the other teams’ boats, all while keeping yours afloat, using buckets, water guns, boogie boards and good old fashioned elbow grease. 

The teams were made up of four members and the teams were grouped by school year. Anywhere from two to six teams would compete at a time, and it’s safe to say that you were bound to get wet on this ride.

Many of the CampusRec employees and RHA volunteers were taking part in the fun as well. Those who were not working as lifeguards would use hoses and water guns to add to the competition. 

The strategy for this tournament seemed to include two things: splash as much water as possible into the other teams’ boats and communication. Amongst the laughter and sound of splashing water you could hear a very distinct “Steer us over there! Steer us over there!” shouts every now and then. 

While the tournament was definitely meant to be for fun, there was still some incentive involved. Every team received captains hats and other Dayton themed prizes for partaking in the event. The grand prize, however, was a set of gold paddles that said 2021 Battleship Champions. In my personal opinion, the best prize was the team names. 

Each team went twice, and scores were determined by where they placed. The winning team was Rock the Boat. Final standings and more information on the tournament can be found on IM Leagues.

Photo of the winning team, Rock the Boat. | Rachel Veneman

“Teams got six points for first, four for second, three for third, second for fourth, one for fifth, zero for sixth. So if they have 12, they got first place twice,” Anthony Carson, assistant director for intramural sports, explained.

“15 teams advanced from Friday (first-year and sophomore), and nine advanced from Saturday (junior and senior) to the final rounds. In the final rounds, we did four rounds of six,” Carson continued. “The winning boat from each round advanced to the final heat, which was last-boat-standing out of the final four.” 

The final standings were as follows:

First Year Teams

1Feeling Nauti12
2Gavin Markham10
2Holy Ship10
3Rubber Duckies9
4Electric Llamas8
5Founders Flounders7
5No K.A.P.P.7
6Rock the Boat6
7Nauti Squiwards5
7Sea Fellas5
8Sea Guyz4
9Best Canoe3
9Huge Cannons3
9Sea Señor3
1050 in ’702
10Good Ship2
11Shiver Me Timbers1
12Patty’s Swimmers0
Boats ‘n Bros

Sophomores Teams

1Southside Killers9
2Appleknob Canoe Club8
2I Like Big Boats and I Cannot Lie8
3Ferries and Cream7
4Pepsi Military5
6Beemo’s Battleship3
7Drip or Down1

Junior & Senior Teams

1Pot Stirrers12
2baddieship : P10
2Bros in a Boat10
3Team Battleship6
4Boaty McBoatface4
4Oh Ship!4
5Get Rec’d3
5Lil Yachty3
5Sink or Swim3
6Drip or Drown0
6Too Drippy to Float0

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