OPINION: Dayton’s Chorale is incredible, go to their performances!

Photo of UD Running Club after attending Dayton’s Chorale performance. Photo by Miller.

Tori Miller | News Editor

Reflecting on my younger years of high school band and having combined concerts with the choir, I can’t say with confidence that I enjoyed hearing my classmates sing. However, when I went to a University of Dayton Chorale concert to hear my friends sing I was completely blown away. Without a doubt, it was the most enjoyable choir concert I had been to in my life. 

This was the first time I officially attended a Chorale concert even though I have had friends in the group and have “sideline” supported them since freshman year. My friends Saeyeon and Peter, important members of Running Club, sent out an infographic about their upcoming concert on Nov. 11 titled “And Justice For All: New Commissions Works by American Composer.” Immediately after I received the message, I RSVP’d yes and told other people in the Running Club to do so as well. 

The concert took place in the Chapel of Immaculate Conception, which made me even more anticipatory for the performance. The atmosphere was fancy somehow and my cropped sweater felt underdressed for the occasion– it wasn’t I’m just dramatic. After a brief reading and introduction by Special Guest Composer, Kyle Pederson, the singers took the stage in chic black blazers with their vibrant red and blue undershirts.

The concert began with a celebration of Paul Lawrence Dunbar’s 150th birthday by singing a rendition of his poem “Oh, it Were Sweet.” What’s amazing about this particular piece is that Chorale student and long-time friend of mine Gabe Ferraiuolo composed it. Hearing the deep yet alluring voices of the tenor and bass singers with the beautifully haunting contrast of the high soprano notes was truly something to behold. This opening song was fatally sweet just like the perfume Dunbar wrote about, Gabe you are so talented! 

With a beginning as strong as that I knew this concert would be good, but what followed was beyond my expectations. The rest of the performance was a newly commissioned multi-movement choral piece titled “…And Justice for All” accompanied by various UD Music faculty members playing instruments. 

Each of the five movements had a unique sound with a different tempo, layered vocals, and connection to the overall theme. What impressed me the most was the vocal range of the male tenor and bass singers, getting that low in your register deserves an award. 

The best part of the concert was the overall theme the performers were trying to convey. Every song connected back to the deserved rights of each individual in America and how we need to ensure that justice is something truly accessible to all regardless of background, race, and other categorizations of identification. Having such a poignant message made me realize the privileges I’ve had and want to do more to help others– the power of music literally moved me to rethink my current way of life. 

If you are free any of the nights UD Chorale is putting on a performance, you should go support your fellow UD classmates. Who knows, their performances might just surprise you or encourage you to connect with music in a way you haven’t before.

You can follow them on Instagram at @udaytonchoirs. 

For more information visit the UD Chorale’s page on the university website.

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