Clarification about Nov. 30 airsoft gun article

Photo courtesy of Flyer News.

Editor’s Note: Flyer News is issuing a clarification and retraction of the story, “The ongoing threat of airsoft gun drive-bys,” published Nov. 30, 2022.

This article was submitted by a student in one of the university’s feature writing classes. Flyer News often accepts such submissions from students in media writing and/or feature writing classes.

Flyer News fell down on the job in properly vetting and editing the article. There are problems with it that we do not want to take up the space to detail.

Flyer News apologizes to the administration, students, faculty and staff for publishing the article, which is misleading and in too many instances unfair to this community.

Flyer News understands our role as an important news outlet for this campus community, and we promise to take better care of the responsibilities we have to present news and information that is accurate, fair and in proportion.

Flyer News regrets the error.


Zoë Hill, Print Editor-in-Chief

Bridgett Dillenburger, Online Editor-in-Chief

Tori Miller, News Editor

Luke Osciak, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Max Cross, Sports Editor

Ren Sikes, Opinions Editor

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