One Day, One Dayton Ambassador Calls Students To Donate, Support Community

Sierra Hammond
One Day, One Dayton Ambassador

Imagine not having that study-abroad experience that changed how you view the world. Imagine not getting to see that amazing light you brought to a child’s eyes during Christmas on Campus. And can you imagine not meeting the people who make this university so special to you and will be in your life forever because of the bonds that you created in the tight-knit first-year dorms? I can’t. That’s one reason I take giving back seriously. I also would not be here if not for my scholarship, and I know that part of my scholarship comes from people who donate to this community: our alumni, our parents, our faculty, and students like you and me.

So, when I heard about One Day, One Dayton, UD’s inaugural giving day, I immediately knew I wanted to be involved. Donors to this amazing university make a huge difference by paying it forward and changing the lives of every student on this campus, including you and me.

Like many of you, I don’t have a lot of money to give. And I know you may ask the question, “What can $5 or $10 really do?” But when we come together as a community and rally together, we can make all the difference. 

There’s always a lot of talk about community and this is a chance for you to show your pride. One Day, One Dayton is a chance to show a brighter side to our community. I can give up a few iced chais this week and pay it forward for the next group of Flyers — because I want them to have the same opportunities and experiences I’ve had.

On April 10, you can help students from many different walks of life have an unforgettable UD experience — similar to your own. I hope that you will join me online or on campus during our inaugural giving day. I hope you make a gift. And I hope UD continues to be the community I have grown to love so much.

Look for the hashtag #1Day1Dayton for more information. 

Photo courtesy of Christian Cubacub.

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