No regrets for studying abroad in the US


“I will never study abroad in the U.S.” I told my family this when I was in college.

At that time, in my narrow view, studying in the U.S. meant wasting money without learning anything. After working for three years however, I urgently wanted to refresh my knowledge and finally took a look at why people said: “you will not regret studying in the US.”

Since arriving at the University of Dayton, I have become very familiar with words I had never previously heard before, including but not limited to: syllabus, blue book, Catholic Church, Marianist, Martin Luther King Day, Porches and Isidore.

My life has changed a lot in the last year and a half. This is in no small part because of UD’s plentiful activities, which have allowed me to try new things and meet new friends.

Before arriving at UD, I was not outgoing. However, I have enjoyed making new friends, listening to stories I’ve never heard before and learning about different cultures. UD cares about students’ needs and helping us achieve our dreams.

One day, while participating in an event, I discussed volunteer opportunities with a campus minister and was amazed to discover the many ways to get involved. The next day, I received an email sent to all international students from the
International Student and Scholar Services office with further instructions regarding involvement in volunteer programs. Once I discovered how to open one door to opportunities, it became easier to open the next one.

In addition, the career center and the Learning Teaching Center have enhanced my career plan. They offer different kinds of workshops and individual visits which I have taken advantage of.

Before that time, I had a plan but was frequently confused or easily panicked. Now I know what I need to do and how to get there. I’m more at peace with my plan and focused on efficiently moving forward.

I got my bachelor’s degree in international economics and business; and I’m interested in management and accounting. The MBA program with a concentration in accounting is a perfect choice to combine my interests.

I’m currently taking accounting classes that I didn’t take in my undergraduate to make up for lost time, but it is still well worth it because I know what I want in the future.

No matter how long it takes, interests and passions are the best guiding forces. Finally, UD has an engaging Christian environment, that’s led my focus on both daily life but also faith in Christ because he leads me to find internal peace.

Reflecting upon the last year and a half, my experience has proved the rumors true, “you will not regret studying at UD.”

Through all these wonderful people, I started to uncover the available resources and establish a goal to clarify a direction for my career plan. I began to adapt easily to the US culture, classroom experience and life.

Flyer News: Univ. of Dayton's Student Newspaper