Letter to the Editor: Check-in policy has a purpose


I’m lucky to have a job with housing and residence life as a check-in attendant.

Clearly, it’s become the most disrespected job on campus, mainly because students don’t like the new policy. Allow me to clarify. There isn’t a new policy. The policy is the same, but it’s the enforcement of the policy that’s changed.
When you have an overnight guest they’re supposed to be registered in the system. The check-in station where students have to swipe their ID’s is just a way to assure that students who enter residential areas are UD students.

The check-in station doesn’t track you. It doesn’t tell me your deepest, darkest secrets, nor is it a Breathalyzer to check your level of drunkenness. It simply checks if you’re a resident of that building or not. If they’re not students, then it’s put in a system to guarantee that we know who is on our campus. I’m pretty sure the majority of students have had an experience on campus seeing people who clearly aren’t a part of our community.

I remember my freshman year in Founders a group of guys were just walking around my floor. This was at 1 a.m. and they asked me “What is the name of this building?” I just turned around and knocked on my RA’s door. That’s when they ran. Our community needs to be guarded. This is why many students were hired for this position, and why I was hired as well.
I understand that most of you may disagree. It’s been expressed to me in a variety of forms. There’s a line between disagreement and disrespect. Disagreement is letting me swipe your ID and vent it out when you’re in your room.
Disrespect is cursing and yelling at me as if I’m the one who created this job in the first place. I’m simply a student looking out for others.

I’m simply a student who needs a job. This policy is just reinforcement for our community. I appreciate the fact that now, there are no random people walking around in residential areas. I appreciate the fact that housing and residence life recognizes the importance of safety on our campus. I am upset. Mainly, because I have been cursed at, yelled at, and even called out simply because I’m doing my job.

Honestly, I’m indignant about the way I have been treated on this campus. Mainly, because of the disrespect that all of the check-in attendants have been receiving for doing their job. If you have an issue with this new position, take it up with administrators, not me.

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