From The Land Of Smiles: Earning Extravagant Credits

Catherine Sheehan
Staff Writer

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Hey Flyers! Welcome back to the From the Land of Smiles. It has come to my attention that I have yet to really talk about the studying part of study abroad … whoops!

I am attending Chiang Mai University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is one of the better universities in the country and several important Thais have graduated from here.

The campus is beautiful, but huge. If I have time, I’ll walk to class but most days I take the shuttle service offered to students. Either way it takes a little while and definitely makes me appreciate Dayton and how quickly I can get to class!

I’m enrolled in five classes and (hopefully!) receiving 15 credits. I am taking classes in Thai language, art, dance, Buddhism and International Relations. 

Let’s start with Thai! Wow, I thought Spanish was hard — I had no idea. Thai is a tonal language consisting of five tones, some of which I still struggle to identify yet alone pronounce. 

Thai art has been incredible. We’ve taken several field trips to see various forms of art and even created some ourselves.

An art piece from one of Catherine’s field trips.

Thai dance has been fun but honestly, a little difficult! I am not used to dancing with fans or long gold “fingernails.” 

Buddhism has been extremely beneficial in understanding the way of life here, since roughly 95 percent of Thais consider themselves Buddhist.

In my international relations class, I have learned about major current events in Southeast Asia, including the Vietnam War.

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Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how I have come to know and love Southeast Asia as well as a more fair understanding of my time abroad.

Look out for my next post if you want to hear more, and until then, Jai Yen or relax!

Photos Taken by Catherine Sheehan/Staff Writer