UDCI Students Visit Xi’an, GM Shanghai Plant


Sean Newhouse
Contributing Writer

Students at the UD China Institute (UDCI) for the spring 2018 semester took part in a weekend excursion to Xi’an and a corporate visit to a General Motors (GM) plant in Shanghai during the month of March.

The ancient Chinese city of Xi’an is best known as the home of the terra-cotta warriors, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in the world and an important part of Chinese culture.

“They are a sign to prove the long history and skilled handicraft of the ancient Chinese,” said Sam, a Chinese student at UDCI.

Participants also visited the Shaanxi History Museum and biked along the ancient Xi’an city wall, the most complete and extant city wall in China.

The biking was exhausting for many students.

“I was pretty gassed after biking that wall to be honest,” said Matt Finn, a sophomore accounting and marketing double major. “It felt like the wall kept going and going but it was well worth it.”

Besides historical sightseeing, students also practiced their bargaining skills in the Muslim Quarter, a street known for its food and shopping.

“I got a tiger painting and greatly reduced the price,” Finn said.

Two weekends later, UDCI participants went on a corporate visit to GM’s Shanghai plant.

While at the plant, Anne Schneider, the executive director of the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation of GM, gave a presentation about the market in China for GM. Students then went on a guided tour of the site.

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“It was really cool to see it up close because you often don’t think about the way that vehicles are produced,” said Emily Battaglia, a sophomore English major.

Battaglia also stayed in Shanghai for the rest of the weekend, taking an independent excursion.

“We visited Xin Tian Di, which was part of the old French quarter,” Battaglia said. “It had a European feel to it, which really showed the dynamic qualities of Shanghai.”

Although the spring 2018 UDCI cohort will only be in China for another month, they still have a lot to be excited about. For Easter break, they’re going to Sanya, which is described as the “Hawaii of China.”

Photo Taken From northeastern.edu.