City Of Dayton Votes To Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalties

Anna Rose Redgate 

Contributing Writer

This past Election Day, nearly 75 percent of voters approved Issue 8, a ballot measure in Dayton asking city officials to reduce penalties for possession of small marijuana quantities. Because it passed, city administration will be working to refine the details of new regulations regarding marijuana possession.

Here’s what we know so far about Issue 8 and how it will affect Dayton:

• WHIO described Issue 8 as “an opinion poll” to help city leaders determine how Dayton will move forward its marijuana policy. This means the specific changes have yet to be outlined.

• Until the current law is changed, possession of 100 grams or less of marijuana is defined as a minor misdemeanor and is punishable by up to a $150 fine.

• Issue 8 affects those possessing 100 grams or less of marijuana; the ordinance will not extend to any possession or trafficking of more than 100 grams.

• Mayor Nan Whaley told the Dayton Daily News she is striving to reduce the number of people forced to interact with the criminal justice system because of marijuana, and hopes to see resources allocated to other issues.

• Staff from Dayton’s prosecutor’s office, city police and other officials will meet to discuss and draft proposals.

• WHIO reported no timeline is in place for drafting the specific changes or amendments to current legislation—it could take weeks to months for Issue 8 to be officially approved and enacted.

• 2018 saw high voter turnout in the Dayton area.

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