Eight Fast Facts From The 2018 Campus Security And Fire Safety Report

Sean Newhouse  
News Editor

UD annually informs the campus community of its crime and fire statistics in the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report to comply with federal law. The 2018 report includes statistics gathered from 2015 to 2017. Here are eight things we learned from it:

  1. There were 14 burglaries reported in 2017. This is down from 2016 when 44 burglaries were reported.
  2. Twelve on campus rapes were reported in 2017, and seven occurred in residential facilities. Residential facilities are defined as “crimes reported to have occurred in residence halls, apartments, and houses in the reasonably contiguous geographic area, that are owned or controlled by the institution.” In 2016, 16 on campus rapes were reported, 11 being in residential facilities. For a more thorough look at UD’s handling of sexual assault, read this.
  3. During 2017, there were three reported instances of fondling (two on campus; one on public property), two for dating violence (both on campus) and three reports of stalking (all on campus)*.
  4. There were 42 liquor law arrests in 2017, which represents a three-year low. There were 991 liquor law violations referred for disciplinary action in 2017. This is down from 1,029 disciplinary referrals in 2016.
  5. Twenty-two drug law arrests took place at UD in 2017. There were 103 drug law violations referred for disciplinary action, which is the highest statistic from the three years of reported data.
  6. There are 31 registered sexual offenders within a one mile radius of UD.
  7. Public Safety has a free bicycle registration system “that helps identify ownership of bicycles in the event of a loss.” You can register your bicycle here.
  8. Public Safety collects used cell phones. These are given to domestic violence victims at Artemis House.

Crimes can be reported to Public Safety. Their number is 937-229-2121.

*All streets and sidewalks within the Student Neighborhood are considered public property.

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