UDCR policy enforced at outdoor courts

Basketball courts

By: Jim Vogel – Staff Writer

The new University of Dayton outdoor basketball courts, located directly south of the RecPlex, require students to carry their university-issued IDs at all times when using the courts.

Director of campus recreation Melissa Longino said the ID policy is not new and is in line with other policies outlined by the student handbook.

“The student handbook states that all students are required to have their IDs on them at all times. They need their IDs to go into the RecPlex and they need their IDs to access Stuart Field. Likewise, students need their IDs while using the outdoor recreation areas like the basketball courts and the volleyball courts,” Longino said.

Regarding the policy’s enforcement, Longino said any RecPlex employee can ask students to present their IDs when using the new courts. She also said new signage will be placed around the courts to inform students of the policies.

“We are trying to minimize wear and tear on the new courts from outside community members and from people that should not be using the space,” Longino said.

“Additionally, there are issues of risk and liability that arise when non-students use the facilities,” Longino said. “We require waivers for guest use of the RecPlex to ensure that the university is not liable. We do not have waivers for guest use of the outdoor campus recreation facilities.”

Longino said enforcement of the policy has so far not been problematic. “We have had a few instances in which [Campus Recreation] has had to ask outside community members to leave the basketball courts and volleyball courts, but it has not been a major issue.”

Longino said the basketball courts seem to be popular with students and have been heavily occupied as students returned to campus.

“The basketball courts exist because students asked for them. Campus Recreation tries to meet student desires whenever possible,” Longino said.

Campus Recreation began development of the courts after the university’s student government association passed a senate resolution in support of constructing outdoor basketball courts to “unite the student body” and “offer activities that do not include high risk behavior,” Longino said.

“Years ago there were several outdoor basketball courts around campus. We recognized that this was a desire students had and did what we could to make it happen,” Longino said.

“Certainly there are many factors we must consider when taking on new projects but we are always looking for ways to keep students engaged and active on campus,” Longino said.

Longino cited the RecPlex’s student bike rental system as another student initiated addition to Campus Recreation offerings.

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