Stonemill fight ends in injury, arrests

Three police forces, 30-50 individuals involved

By: Alise Jarmusz – Asst. News Editor

According to University of Dayton officials, a fight broke out at a house party on the 100 block of Lawnview Avenue and Stonemill Road Saturday, Sept. 6, around 1 a.m.

Officers from Dayton and Oakwood were called for assistance to stop the fight and disperse the crowd after the number of people involved grew rapidly to an estimated 30-50 individuals.

Dayton Daily News reported that officers from MetroParks also responded to the scene.

Allie Heraty, a senior public relations major, said she was walking home with a friend on Stonemill Road as police responded to the scene.

“All of a sudden you just saw a bunch of police cars turning from every angle. I don’t know how many cop cars there were, but there were easily over a dozen. Every single cop went inside the house,” Heraty said.

She said the response from officers was extremely coordinated and prompt.

“Cops were coming from all different directions like Brown Street and Frericks,” Heraty said. “They all showed up at the same time with their sirens on…cops were flying out of their cars and running inside the house because of the fight that broke out.”

University officials said four persons were arrested, including three University of Dayton students.

Dayton Daily News reported one person was taken to the hospital following the fight, in addition to a woman who was treated on the scene after being hit in the face and stomach.

University officials said the incident is under investigation and students could face charges through the courts and the university’s conduct system.

Heraty said she believes University of Dayton students alone caused the fight.

“From what I saw, I think it was a bunch of students who got all revved up and wild. I didn’t see any people who looked like they weren’t students,” she said.

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