Saxby’s provides new coffee fix, study space on Brown Street

Saxby Coffee shop, the new coffee shop on brown street, Apr 22, 2014

By: ERIN CALLAHAN – Staff Writer

Look out UD, there’s a new coffee shop on Brown Street! Whether you’re a die-hard Starbucks fan or just need caffeine no matter where it comes from, Saxby’s Coffee is worth a try. It boasts convenience as the first drive-thru coffee shop in Oakwood, and provides friendly customer service and plenty of variety.

Saxby’s celebrated its grand opening on March 15 at its location on the corner of Irving Avenue and Brown Street.
According to manager Dawn Beckett, several coffee-crazed customers awaited the 7 a.m. opening, bringing along lawn chairs to post up outside the doors.

“The response has been unbelievable, even from the very beginning,” Beckett said. “There were about 30 people that had waited most of the night for the free coffee promotions.”

It was worth the wait. The first 10 customers in the door were greeted with free coffee for one year, the next 10 received free coffee for one month, and the following 10 for one week. Customers were also offered a $10 credit if they downloaded the Saxby’s mobile app during the week of the grand opening. Even if you missed the opening, you didn’t miss all the deals. Customers can still download the mobile app anytime and receive a $3 credit at the coffee shop. That’s a free drink just for downloading.

Now that you have a few dollars to spend, you may consider stopping by. But don’t just take my word for it – some fellow Flyers have also weighed in on what they think of the new coffee shop competitor in terms of price, taste, options, food, atmosphere, location and service.

Students have noted a slightly higher cost than Starbucks, but said it is complemented with variety, good flavor, and a cozy atmosphere.

“Everything I’ve had has been delicious,” senior communication major Allison Moon said. “They offer a wide variety of drinks, and their smoothies and frozen yogurt hold an advantage over Starbucks. They offer more food options as well.”

In addition to their traditional coffees, espressos and teas, Saxby’s also offers more than 25 specialty drink options. All specialty drinks can be made into an iced latte, hot latte, Frolatte, steamer or a blended crème. If you want to grab a bite to complement your beverage, Saxby’s also offers a selection of sandwiches, salads, fruit and bakery items. The staff frequently offers samples of these items, which means more free goodies even after you use your $3 credit.

The atmosphere found at Saxby’s is also a selling point for customers.

“I like that they don’t look very corporate and more like a community atmosphere,” Sarah Gaskell, senior pre-med and political science major said. “It definitely feels more quaint and relatable.” Cassie Brakers, a junior education major, added that the atmosphere is “perfect for productivity, relaxation and socializing.”

Saxby’s offers ample seating for customers with tall single tables, comfy lounge chairs and multiple large tables to accommodate meetings and study groups, which can be reserved upon request. Beckett said she has received plenty of positive feedback about the strong Internet connection, and outlets are scattered generously throughout the space to create a convenient study environment.

Despite the strong appeal of Saxby’s, students noted that there are some downsides as well. Since it is nearly at the edge of campus, location poses a problem for some.

“It’s a little far from the class buildings,” Gaskell said. “It’s also a little far to walk unless you live on Irving or Lowes.”

Moon added that service could develop in some areas.

“It’s definitely a new company that is still in the learning and training phase, and the wait time could be improved,” she said.

Beckett noted that the operations are still going through some fine-tuning, but it is a work in progress that continues to become better and faster every day.

Moon suggests that both Saxby’s and Starbucks offer an equally satisfying experience.

“Starbucks has fast service and old-time yet predictable favorites, while Saxby’s offers a world of new if you’re not in a hurry,” she said. “Students, especially those without cars, benefit from now having two coffee shops close to campus. Why have less, when you can have more?”

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