OSU championship disturbance echoes UD’s Elite Eight madness

Police and Students Clash-20140328-IM-2W

By: Roger Hoke – News Editor

Minutes after the Ohio State Buckeyes pulled off the upset against the Oregon Ducks in the first ever College Football Playoff  Championship, the area of North High Street in Columbus, Ohio, was utterly swamped.

In similar fashion to the celebrations which took place on the University of Dayton campus after the Sweet Sixteen victory the Flyers enjoyed over Stanford in March 2014, this event led to a heavy amount of police involvement according to the Huffington Post.

Unlike the disturbances at UD, Columbus, Ohio, saw well over 8,000 celebrators fill the streets over the course of the night, according to NBC News. There were about 1,000 people involved on UD’s campus, according to Fox Sports Ohio.

No official damage cost has been reported for the events in Columbus, but it cost $57,000 in damages to the UD campus after the Flyers beat the Syracuse Orange in April 2014, reported Fox Sports Ohio.

According to the NY Daily News, 89 fires were started after the Buckeyes won the national championship.

Both schools’ disturbances called for SWAT teams to the premises.

According to Business Insider, SWAT was forced to use tear gas to remove individuals from the most highly occupied areas of Columbus. Most participants had dispersed about two hours after the event started, and almost immediately after the tear gas had been deployed.

Individuals were arrested for tearing down field goal posts near Ohio Stadium, which were used for high school games, reported the Huffington Post.

In both cases, the teams, whose victories were being celebrated, were not present for the festivities. The Buckeyes were still in Arlington, Texas, reported CBS Sports.


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