Gunmen at El Rancho prompt student safety considerations


By: Rachel Cain – News Editor

Police were alerted to the presence of two gunmen at El Rancho Grande on Brown Street Jan. 24 at about 10 p.m., according to WHIO.

Two masked men entered the establishment through the rear as the restaurant was closing and employees were eating dinner. One suspect shot into the ceiling, and the other forced several of the workers into a cooler, according to WHIO.

One worker managed to escape after having a gun held to her head. She flagged down a police officer across the street, according to ABC22.

The suspects did not take anything, and no injuries have been reported.

“Events such as this are rare, but a potentially vulnerable time for a retail establishment or restaurant is just before closing, when they likely have the most money on hand,” wrote Randall Groesbeck, public safety director of administration and security, in an email to Flyer News.

Groesbeck suggested some possibilities for students if they ever find themselves in a similar situation.

“Exit the facility as rapidly as possible through the nearest exit,” Groesbeck wrote. “Also, if possible, implement the “run, hide, flight” protocol for active shooters. That may or may not be possible, depending on circumstances.”

He noted that not every situation allows for the possibility of running.

“In an open area, such as a restaurant, there may be little or no opportunity to run or hide,” Groesbeck said. “You also may not be in a good position to fight. You may need to keep your hands visible and not draw attention to yourself.”

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