Graffiti artists confuse UD campus


By: Roger Hoke – News Editor

Vandals have been covering the University of Dayton campus with graffiti for over a month now.

Early Monday morning, students gathered around a new piece of vandalism outside of the Marycrest Complex. At that time, the piece appeared to display the phrase, “WOMEN ARE ETHEREAL.”

There was more to the message, but the words had been washed away by the time students were able to see the work. The perpetrators have not been found and it is still not certain what the motive behind the art is meant to be.

This is not the first act of vandalism to tag this campus in recent memory.

For the past month, vandals have been tampering with cars and a sorority house on the 400 block of Kiefaber Street.

The crimes have taken place when residents were either not home or asleep. A resident of the house and victim of the vandalism, senior communication major Greta Hopp, reached out to Flyer News.

On Feb. 28, Hopp’s car was spray-painted with an almost indecipherable message.

“At 1:30 a.m., I was still in bed, and my roommate came in and said, ‘Hey, your car got tagged,’” Hopp said. “I go outside and there’s red spray paint on my windows, and I thought it said ‘men.’”

Hopp notified the police of the incident and made a statement. However, the crimes did not stop. On March 1, a sheet sign hanging from the front porch of the house was stolen. Hopp said the perpetrator later took to the social media app Fade to share a picture of the stolen sheet in a VWK room.

On March 2, residents of the house were notified that their siding had been tagged with the same message. “I think, a week later, somebody texted us a picture saying, ‘I was just outside your house and this is what it says,’” Hopp said. “It said ‘men!’ in red spray paint.”Since the incidents, UD police have patrolled overtime around the area.

No one has been charged for  any of the crimes and no suspects have been named.

More information on the investigation will be available at and @FlyerNews throughout the following days.

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