Heyrocco inspires high school flashbacks

By: Allison Kurtz – Staff Writer

From the first line of its debut album to the closing note, Heyrocco takes listeners back to the good, the bad, and the awkward of high school. The album allows you to look back on all your firsts in a way that makes you  simultaneously miss it while never wanting to go back. It gives you the feeling that high school is some distant place, when really it was no more than four years ago.

Nathan Merli, Tanner Cooper and Chris Cool make up the band that is Heyrocco. The guys are no older than 21 and have been playing together for years. Hailing from South Carolina, they have been touring off and on for the past two years and just finished playing their first stint at SXSW.

I first heard their songs about a year ago, and their music, while not falling within my typical taste, still captured my heart with its honest words and unique arrangements. Merli with his angsty lyrics and simple guitar riffs, Cooper with his catchy drum fills and Cool with his smooth bass lines, produce a unique but awesome sound that can take some getting used to.

I had the privilege of seeing these charming fellas play twice in 48 hours. Mixing up their set lists each night, I was able to hear all of my favorites along with some new ones, written mere weeks before. Even when playing to a nearly empty room, the energy doesn’t stop. Playing mainly at small bars in the U.S., the boys are headed across the pond in a few weeks where the venues and the crowds are much larger. To get a glimpse of what to expect from them, search for their Audiotree sessions online. One listen to these, and you’ll want to become their best friend.

At the shows, I was able to legally obtain a copy of their upcoming album, “Teenage Movie Soundtrack,” which is set to be officially released in June. Its title could not be more accurate for the songs it contains. With titles like “Loser Denial” and “Virgin” and lyrics saying “I’ll have you back before your family’s heads get sour” and “Why haven’t I found my place yet? I am never one hundred percent,” the flashbacks come immediately.

While listening, you feel like you’re starring in a ’90s high school flick. This feeling comes from the slightly Nirvana-esque vibe along with the stories they tell through their songs. Heyrocco’s lyrics are humorous because they are 100 percent true, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

For a taste of what’s on the long-awaited album, their EP “Mom Jeans” is available on iTunes and Spotify for you to enjoy until the release of “Teenage Movie Soundtrack.” They will be touring Europe for most of April and May for the release of the album. When they get back, we can be sure to expect another tour from these guys: one you don’t want to miss.

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