Emmy Award-winning news anchor urges students to be aware of their biases

By: Clare Gallagher – Sophomore, Communication

The UD National Society of Leadership and Success broadcast a talk by Emmy Award-winning news anchor JuJu Chang on Feb. 9 for its incoming members, although non-members were welcome to attend.

Chang is a co-anchor on ABC News “Nightline” and reports for “Good Morning America” and “20/20.” During her presentation, she discussed her personal journey as an Asian American immigrant, how she broke through stereotypes and faced her own hidden biases.

This event was put together by NSLS to inspire students and give them advice in succeeding in their own careers.

About 60 students, including NSLS and non-NSLS members, attended the event.

Chang discussed issues with race and gender biases and how to overcome them. She mentioned that racial biases and stereotypes still exist today and oftentimes people do not even know that they are being biased.

“Be alert for your own biases because we all have them,” Chang said.

Chang gave insight on not only changing the way we see others, but also not letting these biases affect how others see us.

“Try to ensure that you are being seen as an individual for who you are,” Chang said.

Chang also took questions from several students to give them advice, help increase their skills and motivate them to achieve success.

She talked about the importance of having confidence and making sure your ideas are heard. Chang also mentioned that standing your ground and communicating clearly plays a major role in getting a message across to others.

“Your own confidence needs to grow. It’s not just about practice; it’s about feeling deep down inside that your ideas matter,” Chang said.

Chang also talked about how important it is to increase your skills while you are still in college. According to Chang, building your brand on social media says something about your ability to communicate.

“Whatever job you’re looking for, your first employer is taking a risk on you,” Chang said.

She talked about reducing that risk by demonstrating you have the skills to perform the job.

All of Chang’s answers to student questions related back to having confidence and achieving goals. She encouraged the students to work hard and not to give up.

“I could relate to a lot of the questions the other students asked,” Lauren Schimmoeller, a senior in NSLS said. “It was nice to hear her experience because she’s so successful. It gave me the inspiration that if she can do it, I can do it.”

It was required for the new members to attend this event to officially become a member of NSLS. Nationals also required JuJu Chang’s broadcast to be one of the events.

“Nationals chose it to get students inspired and have someone to look towards who’s had that leadership and experience,” Jackson Mallady, the president of UD’s chapter of NSLS said.

The NSLS mission is to help people discover and achieve their goals, which was the core of Chang’s talk.

“It gives them the ability to interact and gives them opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have,” Mallady said. “They’re achieving goals in getting one step closer in terms of getting advice.”

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