Editor-in-chief reflects on four years

By: EMMA ELLIS-Editor-in-Chief

As cliche as it sounds, I cannot believe this day has come. Everyone tells you that your four years of college will fly by, and they aren’t kidding. It feels like yesterday I walked into the first class of my collegiate career.

That class was Foundations of Mass Communication with Larry Lain, a professor who has since retired. I never thought my first professor would be the person who guided me to the position I am currently in. My goal was never to be Editor-in-Chief of Flyer News. I simply wanted to sell advertising and gain more experience in the sales field.

My freshman year I worked for free, worked my way into a scholarship position, and within a year I took over both the Advertising and Business Manager positions. I overhauled and revised the way advertising and business responsibilities are handled throughout my sophomore and junior years. I was ready for another challenge, and that meant breaking outside of my business background, and applying for Editor-in-Chief.

It was challenging. It was a learning curve. It was a big adjustment. I don’t come from a journalism background, so adjusting my mindset was both a challenge and a learning experience. However, my previous leadership experience and business skill set helped Flyer News become a more financially sound organization and develop younger leaders.

I learned to detach myself from my work, because I can’t control what everyone thinks of every article published in Flyer News. I also learned to delegate, which is key to leadership. I can’t do everything, and I have to trust respective section editors to do their job to the best of their ability, which they have.

I wouldn’t change anything about this year. I have learned a great deal about journalism, leadership, communication and myself.

My advice to those of you who still have time left at this university is to jump outside of your comfort zone. Try something that pushes you to learn and grow academically, professionally, and personally. Oh, and find a great group of people to do it with.

I have been fortunate to work with an awesome staff that has an immense amount of patience and a focused work ethic. Each and every one of you was a pleasure to work with.

Thank you. Thank you to the readers. Thank you to the staff who makes this paper possible every week. Thank you to every one of you who play a part in making Flyer News possible.

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