Add muscle mass, cut fat in time for the pool deck

By: RICH MCLOUGHLIN-Contributing Writer

Editor’s Note: Rich McLoughlin is a senior exercise science major whose life experiences have led him to motivate others toward personal fitness. McLoughlin is a certified personal trainer.

Here we are, less than one month away from Dayton2Daytona, the trip that takes an excited crowd of University of Dayton students to Daytona Beach, Florida from May 6 to 11. That means that students are less than one month away from the pool deck, sunshine, go-karts, corn dogs, and the best time of your life.

I provided advice for the girls a few weeks ago for getting Daytona ready. Now it’s the boys’ turn. Every guy has different reasons, but making an improvement in how one looks for Daytona is always a concern in the back of every man’s mind.

But isn’t it too late to make a change in my fitness? No way, you can start right now and see improvements in a week. Whatever the reasoning is, the plan I have provided will add muscle mass, cut down fat, and allow you to walk around that pool deck with a little more confidence.

However, exercise alone will not guarantee results, and proper nutrition is even more important. I can’t shop and make your meals for you, but I can offer a few easy tips to ensure you aren’t wasting your workouts.

You men can probably guess what two of the leading culprits for ruining your workouts are: booze and fast food eating. The second of those two can easily be fixed. Taking some time to cook your own healthy meals and just having some self-discipline will help keep you away from those greasy-fatty foods. Cutting out on the alcohol can be a little more difficult; especially for the seniors looking to make the most out of your final weeks here at UD.

My only advice is to keep everything in moderation. That means making an attempt to cut out the weekday drinking – as hard as that may sound – and keeping beer consumption to a minimum. As lofty as these tips may be, it can be done.

Complete the following on days one, three and five. Perform four sets of 12, 10, 8, and 6 reps. Choose a weight that’s challenging – you really should be pushing yourself on the last few reps (be sure to have a spotter).

Day 1, 3, and 5:
– Dynamic Warm-up
– Barbell Squat
– Barbell Bench Press
– Wide Grip Seated Row
– Military Press
– Straight Bar Bicep Curls
– Tricep Extensions
– Planks 5 x 15 seconds

Take about 90 seconds before moving onto the next set.

On days two and four sprinting will be the focus. Get yourself to a hill or Stuart field where you will find plenty of room. Along with sprinting, perform three to five sets of as many reps of pushups and pull-ups as you can. Keep track of how many reps you are getting, so that for the next time you have a number to surpass.

Sprints – Days two and four
– 6 x 50 yards
– 4 x 100 yards
– 2 x 200 yards
– 1 x 400 yards

After each sprint, take your time walking back to the starting point and then give yourself another 15-30 seconds before performing the next sprint.

Take a roommate or a friend and push each other. Stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. Consider adding some protein for your post-workout meal to aid your muscles in recovery.

There it is. I’ve laid out the plan for success for you men. Be sure to have fun and work hard. Remember, if you have any questions please contact me at

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