Beloved Marycrest cashier leaves to write book

By: Marissa Grimsley – Staff Writer

Marycrest Dining Hall cashier Denise Gorman has left her post at the register to focus on writing and “living every day in the moment.”

Gorman has worked for Dining Services in Marycrest for 13 years, and this year has decided to begin a new career as an author. Over the summer Gorman said she began writing a book entitled “Mind, Heart and Soul”, describing her philosophy on forgiveness and living in the moment. The book is almost finished, she said.

She explained living in the moment is her philosophy on life.

“I live every day in the moment,” Gorman said. “That’s why I had such special relationships with each of the students that came through my line because of that attitude.”

Gorman said when she started in 2001, she was helping put her three sons through college. She said her attitude was the same as it was today. She took every student to become one of her own, or “her kids” as she refers to UD students.

“I always acted like a mom because freshman need a mom when they are so far away from home,” she said.

She said she never thought she would make an impact on any student – she just thought it was talking.

“I love to talk to anyone and everyone,” she said. “It’s awesome getting to know people and that opens up a whole new world. Kids have told me I make their day, but they have made mine every day.”

Recalling her memories at UD, she said one of her favorite things is seeing older students.

“Seeing the upper-classmen come back and say hello, it makes me sparkle when they come back to say hello to me,” she said.

Toward the end of the fall semester, Gorman said she began to share with students that she would not be returning to the university in the spring. Jon Puricelli, a sophomore human rights studies major, immediately took to Facebook. He posted in the University of Dayton Class of 2016 page saying Denise was not going to return and be our “beacon of happiness.” In closing he said, “Best of luck Denise, we all know you deserve nothing but the best and that we never truly deserved you.” His post got 287 likes along with 12 comments; all out pouring’s of love for Gorman, wishing her the best.

Megan Brown, a sophomore education major, said after a year had passed, Gorman still remembered her immediately.

“I came in [to the dining hall] with one of my friends and she remembered both of us right away,”’ Brown said. “It was a good feeling to have her remember me.”

Besides writing her book, Gorman said she also plans to devote herself to her charity work with St. Vincent De Paul and spend more time with her husband of 33 years.

She had one piece of advice for students and the UD community.

“You need to love yourself and while I will always love you, each and everyone of you need to love yourself,” she said. “And if you love yourself you will be able to love everyone around you. And when you know how to do that magic happens.”

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