Administration cautions students about safe St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

Photo of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Lowes Street in 2018. Photo from Flyer News.

Tori Miller | News Editor

Regarded as one of the best collegiate St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Lowes has been hosting students and guests in a large, crowd festival every year. Instead of celebrating the patron saint in a traditional way, Flyers congregate to drink and be merry which prompts a yearly reminder from administration about safety during spring gatherings. 

Vice President of Student Development Bill Fischer and Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police Savalas Kidd sent an email to Flyers emphasizing the need for safety with the incoming warmer weather. The mass message recognized March as a month when students like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, asking for student compliance in reducing risk to themselves, others and the university. 

“We are writing about anticipated gatherings and celebrations in the student neighborhoods,” the email said. “We want you to stay safe and healthy this spring, and we are committed to supporting your academic success as we resume classes after spring break and approach the end of the school year.”

The email went on to say that acting responsibly is good for individuals and the greater UD community, insisting on abiding by and sharing three key reminders: to follow the law and respect the police, be responsible for your community and to act responsibly. The university’s code of conduct was linked in the message with advice on legal behaviors, prevention of assaults and other violations of community standards. 

UD and Dayton police will be visible in the student neighborhoods and will address behaviors that violate Ohio law or the university’s Code of Conduct. Violations— such as participating in community disturbances or carrying open alcohol in public places— can result in criminal charges, fines, disciplinary probation, suspension or even expulsion. 

The university also advises students to help prevent sexual assaults, physical assaults, burglaries, vandalism, destruction of property and other violations by looking out for one another and ensuring that residential areas are secured if no one is home. If you observe behavior that is dangerous or concerning contact UD Public Safety 937-229-2121. 

As a final call to action, the email implored that students make sure they are doing their part to keep on-campus celebrations safe this weekend and beyond.

“Everyone at the university is committed to your health and safety, as well as to your academic success,” the email said. “Please make sure you are doing your part, too. The choices you make reflect on your reputation as well as on the reputation of the university, which can ultimately affect the value of your degree, your scholarship and your future plans.”

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