What to expect at the RecPlex this Fall

Campus Recreation is prepared to provide services to the UD Community while prioritizing safe and responsible practices. (both pics courtesy of University of Dayton Campus Recreation twitter account @UD_CampusRec)

Maddy Bartsche  
Staff Writer 

As we all know, it’s been a surreal summer, and for many of us, a stressful time filled with much uncertainty.

It’s important to remember that exercise can provide many physical and mental benefits. Research also shows the positive effects of exercise on the immune system and other chronic diseases—obesity, diabetes and heart disease— that place individuals into higher risk groups for COVID-19. 

Looking towards the fall, students can expect to have access to the RecPlex, but they should be aware of the safety measures put in place to prevent the potential exposure and spread of COVID-19.

Students should expect the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), physical barriers, physical distancing and appropriate cleaning and disinfection procedures. 

Campus Recreation will provide services in a phased manner in accordance with CDC, state, local and institutional guidelines. 

“By reopening in phases, UDCR aims to provide a space where students can improve both their mental and physical health and wellbeing while also putting health and safety at the forefront of our operations,” said Sarah Hatfield, the assistant director of communication and outreach at University of Dayton Campus Recreation. 

The current reopening phase, Phase I, is outlined below.


One of the biggest changes at the RecPlex students will encounter is that access to the RecPlex will be on a reservation-only basis. Students will be able to make a reservation using the online portal, http://activeflyers.udayton.edu/, or by calling 937-229-2704. Spots will be available to reserve each Sunday at 12:01 a.m. Drop-ins will not be permitted.

“Reservations are for a 45 minute time slot in one of the four zones, all of which have different equipment available,” says Hatfield. “Students may make reservations for no more than two time slots in a row in order to accommodate others who may wish to use the facility.”

 The goal of the new reservation system is to decrease congestion while maximizing member use, keeping in mind occupancy limits and time needed for sanitation measures between uses. A step-by-step guide on how to make a reservation can be found here.

Other Changes 

Other important changes at the RecPlex during its Phase I reopening include:

  • Entrance and Exit: The west entrance (off of Evanston) and the east entrance (off of the S2/S4 parking lot) will both have a one-way entrance and exit
  • Welcome Desk and Check-in: Members will self-scan their ID to gain access. If there is a line, the RecPlex asks members to follow signage to maintain a 6-foot distance from other members and staff
  • Cashless Transactions Only: Payments must be made by card, check or payroll deduction
  • Guests, Minors and Single-use Passes: Guests and minors under the age of 16 are not permitted during Phase I of reopening. Those who wish to purchase a single-use pass may do so
  • Occupancy Levels: The RecPlex will be divided into four zones for cardio, strength training and lap swimming. Occupancy levels will be posted at the entrance to the zone
  • Restrooms, Locker Rooms and Showers: Members will be able to use restrooms, locker rooms and showers provided they sanitize with the provided spray before and after use. The UDCR will also deep clean these spaces twice a day
  • Equipment Spacing: Equipment from the Fitness Center has been relocated to the indoor track and MAC Gym Court 5 to maintain physical distancing
  • Aquatic Rotation: The Aquatic Center will implement a clockwise rotation to enter/exit the pool deck, with a limitation of one swimmer per lane.

Suspended Programs and Equipment Availability

Suspended programs and services that will be considered for reopening in the future as social distancing evolves include: climbing/bouldering wall, equipment issuance, facility rentals, group fitness classes, indoor track, intramural sports, lobby seating, outdoor fields and courts, personal training, RECkids Camp, sports clubs, swim lessons and towel service.

“While equipment is not available for check-out at this time, students and members will soon be able to check out RecBikes by making a reservation in advance at activeflyers.udayton.edu,” Hatfield said.

“RecBikes are a great way to get outside, explore the UD community and get some exercise in the fresh air. Other checkout offerings are being evaluated for future reopening phases as we roll out more options for students to recreate throughout the semester.”

“The availability of facility amenities in the RecPlex and on campus, such as the basketball, racketball and volleyball courts and Stuart Field, is being evaluated for future phases in accordance with institutional and public health guidelines,” added Hatfield.

Staff and Student Safety Measures 

To promote a safe and healthy environment, the UDCR will have hourly touchpoint sanitation, extensive deep cleaning twice per day, single-use germicidal gym wipes will be provided to wipe equipment pre and post use, hand sanitizer would be available at various locations, pool chemicals will be maintained at the upper limits of specific recommendations and a 2-person bag valve mask (BVM) will be used for rescue breathing or CPR.

In order to help protect all students, faculty, staff and community members all are requested to:

  •  stay home if you feel sick
  •  wear PPE in all public areas including the locker rooms and restrooms
  •  wash and sanitize hands before and after leaving the RecPlex
  •  maintain physical disancing of 6-feet
  •  plan your workout ahead of time to minimize socializing and lingering
  •  sanitize equipment before and after use
  •  stay informed

“Students play a major role in helping to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19 by following the procedures that have been put in place,” Hatfield said.

As we become accustomed to these new changes at the RecPlex challenges may arise, but we must always keep one thing in mind—community. Only through a team effort can we work to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

For more information on Phase I of UDCR’s reopening, please visit go.udayton.edu/campusrec.

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