Up the Orgs to be virtual this semester

Up the Orgs will go “live” Aug. 28 from 3-5 p.m.

Lauren Durham
Arts & Entertainment Editor

The beginning of the fall semester always includes free food, rows of tables set up in the Central Lawn, and eager leaders ready to expand their organizations. 

This year, Up the Orgs will have the same energy, but students can expect a very different event. 

As stated in Section 5 of The Path Forward on the University’s website, Up the Orgs will be held as a virtual event this fall.  

“Up the Orgs will be a virtual fair hosted within the 1850 software,” said Jack Pence, assistant director of student life with the Center for Student Involvement.

“We are able to use a variety of the features to allow students to connect through org profiles, the chat features and providing Zoom links, so student organization leadership can connect with prospective students.” 

In recognition that a virtual event might have its limitations, Pence has a few suggestions for student leaders to help them successfully recruit new members without losing the spirit and integrity of the respective organizations.

“Organization leadership should really be reflecting about their mission and purpose of their organization and making sure that all of the leaders are on the same page when promoting their organization,” Pence said.

“The virtual fair piece of 1850 gives groups the ability to upload photos, videos, documents, and provide social media and other helpful links. We recommend that orgs pack their profiles with everything they can that helps a prospective student get what they need to know.”

For Red Scare, one of the largest (and arguably the loudest) student organizations on campus, a virtual Up the Orgs and a limited fall sports season requires the executive board to get creative. 

“The board is working hard to find ways to keep students involved, as well as keeping our organization growing,” said Katie Acra, president of Red Scare.

“We plan to grow our social media and continue to recruit members through table hours.”

According to Acra, the group is also figuring out ways to support the athletes who have had their fall seasons condensed or eliminated. 

In a similar manner to Up the Orgs, all other in-person gatherings will require careful planning to ensure that social distancing can occur. Requests must be processed through 1850, and meeting spaces will be limited. Students can anticipate many online meetings and events for their designated organizations.

Pence said, “UD is a community, even if we are socially distant from one another. There are a lot of organizations that provide students with so much, you just have to take that leap.”

For first-year students interested in learning more about Up the Orgs, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qG4YC_ROdk&feature=youtu.be.

If student organization leaders are looking for extra assistance in setting up their virtual Up the Orgs “booth,” please visit https://vimeo.com/437515063/578cd33000.

For any additional questions, please contact the Center for Student Involvement at studentorgs@udayton.edu.

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