Weekly Summer Playlist: Spotify – 4th of July

By: Maggie Boyd

The greatest holiday of the year is coming up. Yes, you guessed it, the Fourth of July.

The 4th is my favorite holiday, and my heart is breaking because I am not in the states to celebrate it. The 4th of July is a day that is fully committed to setting off fireworks, eating barbecue, spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the best of what America has to offer.

America is often labeled as a melting pot, with multiple cultures and ethnicities mixed together to create American culture. This diversity, I believe, is one of the most valuable and special qualities America has to offer the world.

Much like the American melting pot, this playlist is also a melting pot. Genres such as pop, country, hip-hop, and folk are featured, highlighting the common theme of America. Artists such as Miley Cyrus, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen are featured for their patriotic songs.

This playlist is dedicated to Toby Keith, who is featured on this playlist several times, and just might be the most patriotic person in America.

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