An Exclusive Peek at Wrestletown

By: Cari Zahn – A&E Editor

Some may remember the interview that was in FN a few months back featuring author and UD alumnus, Christopher Irvin and his published book of short stories. We were gearing up for a Christmas break full of reading his book, “Safe Inside the Violence.”

Now, Irvin is back to share with us his debut novel, “Wrestletown” for our summer reading pleasure… but probably next year. Wrestletown will be successfully published, likely in Spring 2017, if enough readers pre-order the book.

The publishing company that Irvin is working with is called Inkshares, which works with many authors in a similar way. “Crowdfunding” is the correct publication term, in which the publication of a book is successfully funded by the revenue gained from pre-ordered copies. And that’s where we come in!

Make sure to check out Inkshares for monthly updates on the novel, as Irvin will be communicating through that platform.

But, wait. What’s the most important part? What the heck is the book about? No one could describe it better than Irvin himself.

“Orphans and best friends Motoko and Reg live in the crumbling attic of a cathedral-turned-pub in Wrestletown, a city obsessed with pro-wrestling, where the heroic wrestlers are worshipped as unbeatable gods, and everyone believes the action is real – that is, except for twelve-year-old Motoko, whose mother stole her innocence after her father, an unnamed wrestler walked out. The long-running head of The Ministry, The Booker, has died and it’s Kid Muscle, his adopted son’s turn to rule from Turnbuckle Tower, ushering in a new era of wrestling – one secretly planned to be fraught with conflict. When Motoko and Reg are saved by the Grand Champion, Amadeus Carp, after an attack amid the parade of champions, they are gifted front row seats to witness Carp’s first ever loss to The Revenant, a mysterious woman with ties to forgotten days of wrestling lore. With the former champion out for revenge, Motoko and Reg’s fierce loyalty will be tested as the city tilts on the edge, ready to explode.”

If you’re interested, make sure to find out more information here, where you will have the opportunity to sample the first five chapters of the novel. Consider helping out a UD alumnus and get a taste for what you could achieve after your time at UD!

Christopher Irvin’s debut novel, “Wrestletown,” is available for pre-order now.

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