Student-written ‘Blossom’ debuts Friday

By: Danielle Pohlman, Lead A&E Writer

University of Dayton’s Studio Theatre will present “Blossom,” opening Friday, March 21, at 8 p.m. The cast of seven, directed by junior theatre and English double major Jenna Gomes will be hosting the show in the UD Black Box Theatre in the CPC room 155.

“Blossom” centers on a solider, Julian (year/major Michael Dosedel) who returns home to his family from his deployment in Iraq with an inquiry. Julian struggles to adjust to his former life and home. The only solace he finds is in the comfort of hallucinations of his dead comrade, Seth (junior major Rob Moore).

“Blossom” is unique to the Black Box because a student written production has not been performed in many years. Gomes said she wrote “Blossom” this past summer and is using it as a production class through the theatre department after pitching it to her advisor.

Gomes said playwriting has always been one of her passions, and she became interested in the topic of war because of her cousin who passed away in Iraq. His comrade had a difficult time assimilating to being back home and felt guilty for the death of her cousin.

“A lot is talked about what is going on over there, but not when the [soldiers] get back,” Gomes said. “That’s why I wanted to address these heavy issues of war and [post-traumatic stress disorder] in a place where mostly comedies are done.”

The cast, Gomes and the two stage managers year major Colleen McDaniel and year major Andy Frey worked to make the production come to life since auditions in the end of January. Gomes quickly realized that not everything was going to turn out the way she may have envisioned, but she enjoyed watching the actors bring her characters to life.

This completely student-written production is a full-length creative play for those who like theatre and writing. It tackles topics for modern society to become more aware.

Gomes said, “It is the perfect base because we are college aged people and someday we’re going to be carrying the world.”

Show times are March 21 and 22 at 8 p.m., and March 23 at 2 p.m. at the Black Box theater in the CPC. Room 155. For free reservations call (937)229-3685 or visit the Facebook Event, “Blossom.”

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