Porch Profile: The men of 424 Stonemill

_MG_2242WSeniors Dylan Corwin, Michael, Tyler Edwards, Gabe Alvarado and Ethan Klosterman live on the 400 block of

By: Kayla Mueller, Staff Writer

FN: Give your roommates a superlative from the rest of the housemates.
EK: Best beard.
GA: Most likely to do a slip-in-slide even when it’s freezing.
DC: Most likely to die from a pre-workout-induced heart attack…or most likely to flip over furniture in the house.
TE: Most likely to go to class without shoes on.
MR: Most likely to throw mud at the party.

FN: If you could have any job at UD what would you want it to be?
GA: Coach of the tennis team.
DC: A professor or a dean.
TE: A professor.
EK: I do cool stuff. I don’t need anything else.
GA: Michael, you could be a guy who picks up garbage…
MR: Umm, I will be a professor.

FN: If you were in a talent show, what would your talent be?
GA: A sheep…I would bring my own wool…real wool.
EK: Being tall.
DC: Playing guitar or DJing.
TE: Debate skills.
MR: I can do pretty good impressions. (Nigel Thornberry is apparently his best).

FN: If 424 Stonemill were a zoo, what animals would you guys be?
GA: Emperor penguin.
DC: Orangutan, because I have red hair.
TE: Peregrine falcon.
MR: An elephant, because I am told that I am the loudest person going up and down the stairs.
EK: A dinosaur.
All: Why? Because you eat dino nuggets?
MR: No, because we hide toy dinosaurs around the house.

FN: What food do you make the most at school?
EK: Dino nuggets.
GA: All the rice.
DC: Burritos and buckets of chili.
TE: My mom’s lasagna.
MR: Spaghetti.

FN: If 424 Stonemill wrote a book, what would the title be called?
GA: “424 Decibels of Awesome.”
DC: “424 Ways to Not Wash your Dishes.”
MR: Seriously, don’t go in the kitchen right now…what about “How to Ignore Cleaning.”

FN: If you were a Disney character who would you be?
GA: Goofy.
DC: Chucky…or Dory…or Skeeter…or Donkey.
All: Dylan, those are not Disney characters.
TE: Rafiki.
MR: Aladdin.

FN: What is your favorite part about UD?
TE: The neighborhood.
EK: Doing random things with friends.
GA: Outdoor activities that spring up.
DC: The spontaneity of a weekend.
MR: Having a house so close and owned by the university.

FN: How would you like to be remembered at UD after you leave?
TE: I want to be remembered for my speakers.
EK: Most likely to open a door for you.
DC: Someone who was enjoyable to be around.
MR: For always encouraging people to have a good time and enjoy their life.
GA: Most likely to beat you at Super Smash Brothers.

FN: Any advice for fellow Flyers?
MR: Take the chance to reinvent yourself.
GA: Do something different every day.
EK: Don’t be afraid to stand out.
TE: Find your own way.
DC: Be the person your dog thinks you are.

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