Springtime vibes & blue skies playlist

Check out this springtime playlist and listen when you’re needing a positive distraction, photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Ren Sikes
Contributing Writer

I hope to give you a short but sweet overview of my springtime playlist.

To me, music is everything. I have something to jam out to for every aspect of my life, and spring is no different. So, I created a springtime playlist for all of us to enjoy.

Here is a brief overview of what you can find in this Spotify playlist. 

This playlist is composed of several creators whom I pledge my loyalty to (and who just make some pretty good music). Some of the more notable creators are The Oh Hellos, Hozier and Dodie.

Some of the more obscure artists that make up a substantial part of this playlist are khai dreams, Ryn Weaver and Haley Heynderickx. Supporting small creators is somewhat of a passion of mine, and some of the best treasures are found where you least expect them. 

When creating this playlist, I wanted to encapsulate what us as college students would want to be doing during the spring semester. Enjoying the sun, nature, love and connection that is blooming along with the flowers.

The combination of beats and music types in this collection is another thing I love about it. There are more electronic songs, and then some strictly orchestral pieces. Songs that you can sway too and others that make you want to jump up and down and scream at the top of your lungs. 

I also wanted to take a trip into the past, remembering the good old days when we were not swamped with papers and dreading finals. Anthony Amorin’s 2004 is my homage to those times. Spring is often the time that I reflect on my past, because it is such a busy time. Sometimes we just need a break. So take a moment to think about your childhood and the experiences that led to this very moment. 

This playlist is an amalgamation of new and old songs. A combination of music I listened to as I grew up and songs that only recently became popular on the social media platform TikTok. That being said, as an answer to my sister’s question and undoubtedly your own… no, I do not only listen to TikTok songs. 

I managed to sprinkle in a few love songs and some self love songs. It is extremely important to embrace yourself and to learn to love yourself, no matter what you’ve been through. Understanding that you are so much more than your trauma is vital to learning to love yourself. Battle Scars by Paradise Fears can remind you of that. 

I do not wish to spoil too much about this playlist, but if you are interested in listening to it, feel free to click the link below. This playlist is intended to remind you to live while you can, and that no matter how gray and dreary it might be outside (or inside) you can always find your own sunshine.

Remember to take time for yourself, and I truly hope you enjoy these springtime vibes and that they bring along some blue skies. 

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