Signs you became an adult overnight

By: Mary Kate Dorr – Former A&E Editor

While I can’t deny the sudden spike in temperature is a nice change from the brutal winter cold, a feeling of dread always washes over me as spring reaches the University of Dayton. Another year is rapidly drawing to a close, which means another year closer to graduation. I’ve said “see ya” to lazily relaxing by the pool, and traded in my lifeguard suit and whistle for heels and a blazer. It was this realization that made me and my roommate drop to our knees and cry out in agony: We are slowly transforming into adults. As each year closes, another summer of internships and job interviews sucks the youth from us until we are left with the bleakness of adulthood. Do you fear losing your youth as well? Or has this thought not even crossed your mind? Here are some tell-tale signs you may be becoming an adult:

  1. You own a blazer.
  1. You’ve stopped overloading your coffee with every sugar, milk and cream combination you can think of.
  1. You sign all of your emails with “best regards.”
  1. You find yourself using mom phrases like “She’d lose her own head if it wasn’t attached to her!”
  1. You wake up early. Like not even before 10 a.m. early…before 8 a.m. early.
  1. You order healthy sides at fast food restaurants. Who knew these places made salads?
  1. You have difficulty conversing at the kid’s table at family holidays.
  1. You skip class to drive to out-of-city interviews instead of “forgetting” to glance at the clock in the middle of your Netflix binge.
  1. You read before bed.
  1. You are now the adult when “adult supervision” is required.
  1. You stress about when to fit grocery shopping into your schedule.
  1. LinkedIn is your most-used app.
  1. You have to kill the bug.
  1. And unscrew the lid that is seemingly super-glued to the peanut butter.
  1. You say things like “strategy development” and “brand managing” and actually know what you’re talking about.
  1. You channel surf past Disney Channel or Nickelodeon and have absolutely no idea what any of the shows are and why 12-year-olds are playing high school students.
  1. Prom comes up on your Timehop as a memory from five years ago.
  1. And you regret every fashion choice you made that day.
  1. You begin to worry more about emails from companies and HR departments rather than professors.
  1. You mistake juniors in high school for being seventh graders.
  1. Did I really look that young?
  1. You know how to balance a checkbook.
  1. And how to cook something that isn’t Kraft mac-and-cheese.
  1. And how to write a cover letter.
  1. You come home after a long day and decide you need a casual beer or glass of wine.
  1. Your closet becomes less of an influx of old high school T-shirts and a more of a catalog page from Ann Taylor Loft.
  1. You give a suitable answer rather than a defeated shrug when people ask you what you want to do with your life.
  1. You question how much you truly need cable television in your life when looking at a utilities bill.
  1. Even worse, you have a utilities bill.
  1. You find out the book you’re reading is the same one your mom’s book club picked for that month.
  1. And you got excited to go to brunch with them to discuss the novel’s ending.
  1. You actually know what is going on in the presidential election and can have an intelligent conversation while backing up your political stances.
  1. Your planner is your most prized possession.
  1. You call your parents out of the blue sobbing because the future got too overwhelming and no matter how old we get, a call to mom and dad still makes everything better.

Despite feeling as though we’re suddenly becoming adults, we at least have the comfort of knowing we’ll be returning to the

University of Dayton in the fall. Unless you’re graduating…In that case, good luck in the real world!


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