Rock band returns to Blind Bob’s

Dan Miraldi and the Albinos grow as musicians
By:Kayleigh Kavanagh – Staff Writer

Dan Miraldi and the Albino Winos performed at Blind Bob’s for the third time on Thursday, Oct. 17. With the release of their new EP, “Devil at Our Heels,” the Albino Winos are on their way to an East Coast tour leading up to a performance at South by Soutwest, a set of innovative film and music conferences.

Dan Miraldi and his band’s journey has been far from easy, but with each record released, a fire has grown.

“The journey has been like trying to find a sea route to India during the 1400s and 1500s,” Miraldi said. “You just know the general direction and hope that the boat doesn’t sink.”

Their upbeat and energetic shows are a product of a long-time friendship between Miraldi and his drummer Sarah Luffred. They added lead guitarist Alex Bowers in 2008, and in 2010 “stole” bassist Joe LaGuardia from another band in Cleveland. Together, they perform throughout Ohio.

Miraldi said the interesting band name is attributed to the Beatles’ “White Album,” hence, “albino,” and the “wino” part is from Keith Richards’ side project band, the X-pensive Winos – both heavy influences on Miraldi and his band.
Dayton is a special place for the band to perform since their first performance at Blind Bob’s in 2012.

Their songs have been played on 145 different radio shows including WUDR. The previous album release, “Sugar and Adrenaline” has helped give momentum to “Devil at our Heels.”

Miraldi said he hopes to continue experimenting with music videos. The Albino Winos released music videos for “Record Collection” and “Untame,” and have received good feedback from them.

With inspiration ranging from the Beatles to Elvis, one can expect the music to have a cool vibe, but Miraldi keeps the lyrics personal. Even with success, Miraldi said he wants his music to stay meaningful to those who first found it, no matter how large and popular he gets.

“I hope it brings some sense of joy and/or comfort to listeners,” Miraldi said.

Brooke Skyllingstad, senior graphic design major, said she had never heard of the band before attending their show at Blind Bob’s.

“I think their music is perfect for going out on the weekend. The type of music that makes you want to dance,” Skyllingstad said. “I’m a fan now.”

Miraldi and the Albino Winos are heading to Illinois then Indiana, and will be back in southern Ohio in mid-December. Their tour schedule can be found on their website at

“Devil at our Heels” and the rest of the band’s albums can be purchased at

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