Issue 18-Huang-_MG_9142WSeniors Gigi Soto, Ana Rodriguez, Caitlin O’Connor and Marcy Prendergast love watching “Girls,” “Finding
Nemo” and going to Disclosure concerts. (VINCENT HUANG/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

By: KATIE CHRISTOFF – Asst. A&E Editor

FN: How did you meet?
Marcy Prendergast: Me and Gigi met freshman year and lived together sophomore year.
Caitlin O’Connor: We all worked together for New Student Orientation junior year.
Ana Rodriguez: Except for me!
Gigi Soto: Yeah, Ana was our neighbor sophomore year.

FN: What’s your favorite thing about this house?
GS: I like the washer and dryer. They’re very convenient.
CO: I like our little screened in porch! We always sit out there when it’s nice outside and bring out the baby pool.

FN: What shows or movies do you watch together religiously?
In unison: “Girls.” Every Sunday.
GS: We can’t always watch it together, but we always watch it.
MP: We also watch “Finding Nemo” a lot when we’re hungover.

FN: What song would be heard blaring from this house on a Friday night?
GS: Any song by Disclosure!
CO: Really, anything. I’ve been listening to them for years.
GS: They’re getting old for us.
AR: How many times have we seen them?
CO: A lot. I’ve seen them three times.

FN: What does a typical weekend look like at 451 Irving?
MP: We have people over here a lot. Especially now that it’s cold out.

FN: What is your best house tradition?
CO: We always go to concerts together. Disclosure, Pretty Lights…
AR: We all saw Disclosure in Detroit together!
MP: We’ve been to Mumford & Sons twice.
CO: And in April we’re going to see Wiz Khalifa.

FN: Any house rules?
CO: Clean your dishes!
MP: Clean up after yourself. We’re not always the cleanest people.
GS: Yeah, there are a lot of bottles of wine in the kitchen right now…
FN: Is there anywhere you always go to eat together?
In unison: Smashburger!
GS: Wow guys, we are so unified.

FN: Whose closet do you always go to?
MP: Well it depends. Ana and I have the same size feet so we always share shoes.
CO: Gigi has the cutest clothes but she’s really small, so the rest of us trade back and forth.
GS: Which is cool because all of my roommates share clothes and I can’t….

FN: What’s your best memory here?
CO: Last Friday!
AR: we started drinking with like five people and next thing we knew there were 30 people here.
CO: We looked around and all of the sudden everyone was dancing.
GS: It turned into a party!

FN: What’s your best house decoration?
CO: The stuffed cat.
GS: No, the flags.
MP: Ana and Gigi are from Puerto Rico, and Caitlin and I are both Irish. So we have Irish, Puerto Rican and American flags.

FN: Any last words?
GS: We like wine.
AR: That’s mostly Marcy.
MP: I made a wine Christmas tree!
CO: We may be famous one day because we’ll be on tour with Disclosure.

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