Porch Profile: The Women of 416 Stonemill


By: Katy Hoeper – Staff Writer

FN: How did the ladies of 416 Stonemill meet?

Katelyn Rendulic: Well, I remember I did a service project with Katie, Kayla and Meredith, and we were all wearing hairnets for some reason.

Danielle Pohlman: We all lived on the 7th floor of Marycrest freshman year.

Meredith Pacenta: It’s actually unique how we all came together. Regardless of where we all lived, it was like we were meant to be roommates senior year. Katie and I are from the same hometown, and Katie was Kayla’s roommate, etc. We all had a different connection with each other somehow.

DP: And Kayla and I roomed together sophomore year.

Katie Penny: Katelyn and I actually suggested that Kayla and Danielle live together.

Kayla Mueller: So we went on basically a blind date, and it was just meant to be.


FN: If everyone in the house was a Disney movie character, who would they be?

DP: I want to be Belle because I like to read!

ALL: No way! Danielle, you’re Sleeping Beauty.

KM: Katie would be Belle because her boyfriend has a lot of facial hair.

DP: And Mere should be Rafiki! Because she’s so insightful, you know?

MP: Why do you guys all get to be princesses?

DP: Kayla should be Olaf… “Do you want to build a snowman?”

KM: I don’t want to be a boy!

DP: Fine, Ana!

KM: Because no one wants to hang out with me, is that what you’re saying? I’ll take it, only if Danielle is Boo, then.

KP: Katelyn should be Ariel because…

KR: I’m a mermaid at heart.


FN: If your house came with a warning label, what would it be?

KP: WARNING: Towel party going on.

KM: WARNING: Must dance on elevated surfaces.

KR: Quinoa or bust.

MP: Beyoncé lives here.

DP: You are blessed.

KP (looking through the window): Wait, there’s a guy in our house right now…

KR: Oh, that’s the maintenance guy! He’s here to fix our refrigerator.

All: Yeah, we shouldn’t have put so much pesto on the top shelf…


FN: If you guys were to be visiting for your 10-year reunion, what would everyone be up to?

MP: Oh, Lord.


KM: Katie will be on a farm, with her hubby, raising kids, starting her own dog shelter, and CEO of her own nonprofit where she’s saving lives.

MP: And Katelyn is settling in her Dayton home after living in Denver…

KM: In her kayak…

DM: Doing yoga. And smiling.

KR: Well, Meredith will be living in Washington, D.C. with her fluffy little yappy dogs named Pinot and Grigio.

KM: And modeling on the side.

KP: Kayla will be Amish. Or living in downtown Chicago with a dog.

MP: And Leo, the cat, will still be by Danielle’s side.

All: Ultimately, we want to be happy.


FN: Do you have any house traditions?

MP: Our porch lights are always on after dark. And conversations are on the porch after dark.

DP: Beyoncé.

KR: Cooking is a must. And we have two other roommates, a gnome and a tiny wax woman (we sometimes find them kissing at night, shh).

ALL: (Seeing a fellow senior walk by): And we all love Jack Raisch!


FN: If you could invent something for UD, what would it be?

KP: A lake.

DP: An on-campus football stadium.

MP: A fire pit by KU, and a coffee shop in Humanities or St. Joe’s.

KR: A patio, like the one at KU, but more accessible. And bistro-like lights.

DP: A better dance bar.

KM: Yeah, someplace to go after Tim’s.


FN: Give everyone in your house a superlative.

KP: Katelyn would have the best laugh.

KM: And best smile.

MP: Kayla has the best jokes.

KR: And Katie is the most efficient.

KM: Yeah, she’s the fastest at walking, getting ready…basically, everything. It’s her major.

KP: Guys, OPS is my major!

KR: Meredith has the best hair.

DP: And she’s the most insightful.

KM: And has the best snapchats.

MP: Danielle has the best eyes and gives the best advice.


FN: What’s your No. 1 house rule?

KM: Hashtag go with the flow.

KR: Be sincere.

MP: And be courteous. Also, love.


FN: If 416 Stonemill was a celebrity, who would it be?

KR: Probably the offspring of Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. But I don’t know…

KP: And cousins with Mumford and Sons.

KM: Oh, and a childhood fan of Aaron Carter. And a teenage fan. And an adult fan…


FN: As seniors, what advice do you want to give the underclassmen?

All: Be where your feet are.


FN: If 416 Stonemill’s walls could speak, what would be its go-to party story about its residents?

KR: “The Jimmy John’s driver came into the bathroom once.”

KP: He used the upstairs bathroom…

MP: “They sit on the fridge.”

DP: “They play a game with pizza boxes, coins and the occasional chanting of ‘Jumanji.’ Strange…”


FN: What’s your favorite spot at UD?

ALL: This porch right here.


FN: Last, but certainly not least: What is the perfect method for eating an Oreo cookie?

KM: I’d have to say peanut butter, because of “The Parent Trap,” of course.

DP: Dunk it in the milk and eat it off the spoon.

MP: I just eat it. I don’t think about it.

KM: Whatever keeps the kids safe, right, Mere?

KR: I eat it as the sun sets…

KM: In a kayak…

KR: In three bites.

KP: My way is very strategic. First, you dip it in halfway. Next, you eat the soggy part. Then, you break it apart, lick off the cream, and eat the cookies.

KM: Such an OPS major.


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