Ladder 11 to host Cleveland-based band Friday

By: Cari Sahn – Staff Writer

Attention music fans looking for something to do Valentine’s Day weekend: Eclectic Cleveland rock band, Yosemight, will perform at Jimmie’s Ladder 11 Friday.

The band plays many types of music ranging from funk to jazz, progressive rock to Americana and everything in between. Yosemight hasn’t branded their tunes with just one genre, but their strong improvisational element keeps their music interesting and alive.

“We all carry our own flavors to the mix,” said Luke Bergan, Yosemight guitarist.

Bergan launched the band in 2012 with bassist Nick Shaver. Drummer Tony Kazel joined the duo in 2014, and they have since added a piano, trumpet and trombone to their sound. Each member of the band plays a vital role in their sound as a whole, Bergan said. They are able to combine each band members’ style in order to create a sound all their own.

This is not Yosemight’s first time playing in Dayton, and they are excited to be back with support from their community of friends here, along with seeing some new faces at this show. The band promises at least a few surprises for each show, whether it has to do with their songs or their flashy production. They strive to put on a unique performance every time they play. Audiences at a Yosemight show can expect a visually stimulating performance complete with lights and lasers, but the real surprises lie within their music.

“We continually throw in new tunes, have guest sit-ins or play something different to brand each show its own special evening,” Bergan said.

Aside from their upcoming Dayton performance, Yosemight has a lot in store for the future of their band. Their album can be accessed and downloaded for free at, and they have merchandise available ranging anywhere from T-shirts to winter hats.

They are slated for several upcoming shows along with performances at summer music festivals such as The Ville, May Daze, Tribal Connection, Family Roots and more. Yosemight hopes to release a music video in the near future.

A raging horn section and a show full of unique songs that cross the borders of several genres is what students have to look forward to when deciding to attend this show.Yosemight is offering a discounted cover charge for students.

Yosemight will perform at Jimmie’s Ladder 11, 936 Brown St., Friday. Doors open at 9:30 p.m., and the band will perform at 9:45. There will be a $7 cover charge, but students get in for $5 with a student ID. For more information, please visit

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