Cincinnati-based Buffalo Killers release new album

By: Cari Zahn – Staff Writer

Fans of the Black Crowes and the Black Keys should get excited about the Buffalo Killers’ upcoming album release. The Cincinnati-based rock band is preparing for the release of its seventh record, “Fireball of Sulk,” later this month.

Over the course of two days in the studio, the Buffalo Killers produced a real and raw mix of vocals, guitar and bass that will provide some serious jam sessions for fans of classic American rock. Though influenced by many, such as Neil Young, Blitzen Trapper and the Wu Tang Clan, Buffalo Killers always try to find a way to keep its sound unique. Its latest album is a collection of the band’s latest songs that reflect its usual style in a more polished way.

Several records deep in its musical career, Buffalo Killers have its recording routine down pat. Vocalist and guitarist, Andrew Gabbard, vocalist and bassist, Zach Gabbard, drummer Joseph Sebaali and guitarist Sven Kahns came together to create an album full of classic rock sounds that feature a contemporary spin that is all their own. Despite their long experience with creating music, the members remain excited about what they’re doing.

Coming from a similar place in life, Zach Gabbard and brother Andrew Gabbard have been constantly writing and imagining new music for what Zach Gabbard would consider “forever.” They’ve been playing music with drummer Sebaali since they were fresh out of high school, touring the West Coast and playing together as Buffalo Killers since 2006. Kahns later joined up with the band as a somewhat recent addition. Their influences seem to be endless.

“I really am all over the place with the music I like,” Zach Gabbard said. The music they write is influenced a lot by their family life, as both of the Gabbard brothers have kids of their own. They both live on the outskirts of the city and have a barn where they can rehearse their music together when new songs emerge.

“A common theme in our music is just being good to each other,” Zach Gabbard said.

Much of their music is about having a good time, they said, which is a likely occurrence when attending one of their shows. Though they have played all over the country, Dayton remains one of Buffalo Killers’ favorite places to play.

“We love Dayton,” Zach Gabbard said of what the band has to offer University of Dayton students. He described Dayton as an awesome city to play crowd-wise, and said that anyone who likes to “get out, get sweaty and have a moment” with music will find something they can take away from Buffalo Killers’ music.

To get into this band and be a part of its crowd, Dayton is definitely the place to do it. The band will celebrate the release of “Fireball of Sulk” with a show at the Canal Street Tavern, 308 E. First St. Nov. 28 at 9:30 p.m. There is a $10 cover charge.

“Fireball of Sulk” is set to release Nov. 24 via Sun Pedal Recordings. It can be pre-ordered or purchased for digital download at

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